Meet Our President

T. Rhett Brown, a two-time Wingate University alumnus, became president of the University in June 2015. He arrived at then Wingate College as a transfer student in 1986. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in English in 1989, he received his MBA from Wingate University in 2001 and his Doctor of Education from the University of Alabama in 2015.


In many ways, Wingate University’s story is Dr. Brown’s story. As a first-generation college student from tiny Pelion, South Carolina, he could have easily fallen through the cracks of higher education. But Wingate nurtured his development and, according to Dr. Brown, profoundly affected who he is today. His personal experiences drive his passion for providing a new generation of students a similarly transformational experience.


In his more than 25 years of working at Wingate, Dr. Brown has served as vice president of student life and enrollment services, dean of enrollment management, associate dean of students and director of the office of career services. Dr. Brown also served eight years in the U.S. Naval Reserve. He was in active duty in Operation Desert Storm and served in Saudi Arabia in 1990-91 during the first Persian Gulf War.


As Wingate University’s tenth president, Dr. Brown’s goals are to further invigorate learning and the overall student experience, enhance strategic planning for the University’s programs and facilities, and strengthen Wingate’s ongoing efforts for resource development and community relations.


Dr. Brown and his wife, Nicci Chen Brown, have lived in Union County, North Carolina for the last three decades. They have two children, Wyatt and Isabelle.