The mission of Wingate University is to develop educated, ethical, and productive citizens at home and abroad. Following its Judeo-Christian heritage, the University seeks to cultivate the following in its students: Faith, Knowledge and Service.

To promote knowledge, the University seeks to:

  • Provide programs of undergraduate, graduate, and professional study
  • Provide a faculty committed to teaching and learning
  • Require a core curriculum designed to develop:
    • aesthetic, cultural, and literary appreciation
    • analytical and problem-solving abilities
    • critical thinking
    • effective communication
    • integrated perspectives on civilization, the individual and the social group
    • physical wellness
  • Offer majors appropriate to the University’s student population and resources that further develop students’ knowledge and skills in focused areas
  • Create opportunities for international study and travel
  • Provide opportunities to explore and develop academic, career, and personal goals
  • Encourage participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities.

To nurture faith, the University seeks to:

  • Sustain a community where the bases of faith are explored and where there is a search for truth and meaning
  • Articulate the ideal of integrity in all relationships
  • Encourage ethical application of knowledge informed by Judeo-Christian principles
  • Create and support opportunities for worship and faith development
  • Attract scholars for whom Judeo-Christian values and practice are important aspects of living.

To encourage service, the University seeks to:

  • Emphasize the importance of service to God and humanity
  • Facilitate opportunities to volunteer time, knowledge, and labor beyond the campus community
  • Sponsor organizations that coordinate service opportunities and foster leadership and teamwork.

Student Achievement and Success Information

The Wingate University Seal


Created in 1995 by an alumnus of Wingate, this seal incorporates elements from all of the seals which were used since the founding of the institution in 1895, including the scroll, the branches and the circular design. This seal also adds to Wingate’s symbolic traditions by representing both the historic oak trees which were planted generations ago on the campus quadrangle and the Greek crosses which were a part of the design of Wingate’s first academic building. They represent the University’s Christian heritage. The Wingate University motto, “Faith, Knowledge, Service” is rendered in Latin as a reflection of Wingate’s emphasis on a traditional liberal arts education as the core of its curriculum.