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Business and Economics/Technology

E. Giangrande: Associate Professor of Computer Science
Computer technology
Joe Graham: Professor of Accounting, Dean of the School of Business
Business ethics and other hot topics in the business world
Dr. Peter Frank: Associate Professor of Economics
Economic issues, outsourcing, entrepreneurship, nonprofit organizations
Dr. Kristin Stowe: Associate Professor of Economics & Finance
Proposed changes to Social Security
Successful Writing Skill Acquisition within the Business Curriculum
Unnatural Experiments: The Case of Television Game Shows
A Quick Argument for Active Learning: The Effectiveness of One-Minute Papers
Academic Dishonesty Among Business Students: Determining Student Definitions of, and Participation in, Cheating Activities
Dr. Dennis Harlow, Jr.
: Associate Professor of Management
Strategies for export, small business and growth; business planning for small- and medium-sized businesses; negotiation techniques; cross-cultural business; entrepreneurship       

Dr. Keith Cannon: Associate Professor of Journalism
Sports and media, media ethics, media’s role in society
Larry Coleman: Assistant Professor of Communication
Wingate University performance series

Crime Issues
Dr. Ebonie Cunningham Stringer: Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology
Women and crime, mothers in prison, families in prison

Ethnicity and Culture
Dr. Aaron CulleyAssociate Professor of Sociology & Human Services
- Deviant behavior: basic theories of deviance, which includes crime, but also non-conformity (including artists, musicians, all kinds of social movements and activists, fanatics of all kinds, and essentially any people who intentionally live eccentric or unconventional lifestyles).
- Social movements: Civil Rights from the Abolitionist movement against slavery up through the modern Civil Rights era. Historical and contemporary aspects of immigration, Affirmative Action.
- Evangelicals and what distinguishes them from other Christians in terms of theology, biblical interpretation and various practices.
- Mental illness from a sociological perspective looking at social, family, or relational aspects of mental illness as opposed to brain chemistry or genetic causes.
- The role religion plays in society (U.S. and other nations).  how different religious groups view society and what they think ought to be the relationship between the church and society, which relates to issues such as how they view same-sex marriage, traditional gender roles, how they view culture (films, TV, music), or how they approach education (such as the trend of many evangelicals to home-school their children or send them to private religious schools).
- Race and society: History of race relations in the U.S. How "race" is defined in different societies and at different times. Various kinds of discrimination, racist groups and hate crimes. Going back to social movements, historical and contemporary aspects of immigration (including illegal immigration), racial and economic inequalities in education, Affirmative Action.
Dr. Nancy RandallProfessor of Sociology & Human Services
Ethnicity and social distance; social media, social networking
Social Distance in an Ethnically Fluid Community


History/Higher Education
Dr. Abannik HinoAssociate Professor of History
African and Islamic history
Amee OdomDirector of the Library
North Carolina is My Home 
 A  Librarian's Literary Sampler
Dr. Robert BillingerRuth D. Horton Professor of History
Nazi POWs in the Tar Heel State
Hitler’s Soldiers in the Sunshine State: German POWs in Florida, 1942-1946
Metternich and the German Question: States' Rights and Federal Duties
Dr. Cynthia ComptonAssistant Professor of Education
What Do Teachers Want?

Dr. Robert Supernaw: Vice President for Graduate and Professional Programs and Professor of Pharmacy
Pain management, headache, malpractice
Dr. Samir Kouzi: Professor of Pharmacy and Coordinator of Basic Science Research
Drug metabolism, antimicrobial therapy, and evidence-based phytomedicine
Dr. Donald Nuzum: Associate Professor of Pharmacy
Cardiovascular, endocrine, pulmonary
Dr. Lisa Smith: Assistant Dean of Faculty Development and Associate Professor of Pharmacy
Brown-bags programs, Alzheimer’s disease, geriatric depression, pain in the cognitively impaired, osteoporosis, hormone-replacement therapy

Dr. Nancy Randall: Professor of Sociology and Human Services
Dr. Brian Odom: Associate Professor of Biology
Costa Rica
Jennifer Armentrout: Director of International Studies
Japan, international travel


Dr. Joseph M. Ellis: Assistant Professor of Political Science
Eastern European politics and economics with an emphasis on tax policy
American politics, international relations and political theory

Religion Issues
Rev. Dane Jordan: Minister to Students
Importance of Christian higher education, generational issues and the church
Dr. James Hastings: Associate Professor of Asian and World History
Religions of India: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and/or Sikhism
Dr. Mark Roncace: Associate Professor of Religion
Teaching the Bible 
– a guide for classroom instruction 
Teaching the Bible using popular culture and the arts
Biblical passages from people around the world
Sport Industry
Dr. Curt Laird: Associate Professor of Sport Sciences and Coordinator of Undergraduate Sport Management
Football on all three levels: Professional, College and High School
Professional wrestling
Business of sports
Dr. Dan McLaughlin: Assistant Professor of Sport Sciences
Physical education, health education, youth sports instruction, coaching education, sportsmanship, responsibility, leadership, sport/performance psychology
Dr. Dennis Johnson: Associate Professor of Sport Sciences
Youth sports, coaching, mental skills training 
Dr. Travis Teague: Dean, School of Sport Sciences
Risk management in sport
Sponsorship and new business development