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The Wingate University Speakers Bureau provides experts in academic disciplines as well as issues affecting society, culture and the University's campuses. Our speakers are available to the larger community upon request. Professors, librarians and other staff often serve as keynote speakers, political analysts and subject experts for community groups and news media outlets, providing information about specific subjects as well as commentary on topics or issues important to the community.
In addition, faculty and staff of Wingate University often serve as columnists for local publications.
The Speakers Bureau has an excellent relationship with the Union County Public Library and members of the Speakers Bureau are often asked to speak at library programs and events.
For more information about a speaker, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at 704-233-8117.

Business and Economics

Dr. Peter FrankAssociate Professor of Economics
Economic issues, outsourcing, entrepreneurship, nonprofit organizations
Dr. Kristin StoweAssociate Professor of Economics and Finance
Social Security
Dr. Dennis Harlow, Jr.Associate Professor of Management
Business strategies for small- and medium-sized businesses, negotiation techniques, cross-cultural business, entrepreneurship    
E. GiangrandeAssociate Professor of Computer Science
Computer technology

Dr. Keith CannonAssociate Professor of Journalism
Sports and media, media ethics, media’s role in society
Dr. Nancy Randall, Professor of Sociology and Human Services
Baby boomers and social media
Dr. Joseph M. Ellis, Assistant Professor of Political Science
American politics, terrorism
Dr. Aaron Culley, Associate Professor of Sociology and Human Services
Dr. Stephen Hyland, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science
Immigration of unaccompanied minors
Places and international relations
Dr. Nancy RandallProfessor of Sociology and Human Services
Dr. Brian OdomAssociate Professor of Biology
Costa Rica
Dr. Stephen Hyland, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science
Dr. Magdalena Krajewska, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Eastern Europe
Dr. Joseph M. EllisAssistant Professor of Political Science
International relations, Eastern European politics and economics
Jennifer ArmentroutDirector of International Studies
Japan, international travel
Dr. Aaron CulleyAssociate Professor of Sociology and Human Services
Civil rights, affirmative action, history of race relations, race-based discrimination, how race is defined
Dr. Nancy Randall, Professor of Sociology and Human Services
Ethnicity and social structure
Dr. Aaron CulleyAssociate Professor of Sociology and Human Services
-The role religion plays in society including attitudes about same-sex marriage, traditional gender roles, TV and music, and home schooling
-Mental illness from a sociological perspective looking at social family or relational aspects of mental illness as opposed to brain chemistry or genetic causes
-Non-conforming behavior from criminals to fanatics to the eccentric
Dr. Nancy RandallProfessor of Sociology and Human Services
Baby boomers and social media, social networking
Dr. Ebonie Cunningham StringerAssistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology
Women and crime, mothers in prison
Religion and ethics
Rev. Dane JordanMinister to Students
Generational issues and the church
Dr. James HastingsAssociate Professor of Asian and World History
Religions of India: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and/or Sikhism
Dr. Mark RoncaceAssociate Professor of Religion
Teaching the Bible using popular culture and the arts 
Dr. Kristin StoweAssociate Professor of Economics and Finance
Cheating among college students
Dr. Grant Thompson, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Physics
Astronomy including our solar system, the moon, planets, the sun, stars, comets and galaxies
Dr. Abannik HinoAssociate Professor of History
African and Islamic history
Teacher education
Dr. Cynthia ComptonAssistant Professor of Education
What Do Teachers Want?
Dr. Robert SupernawVice President for Graduate and Professional Programs and Dean of the School of Pharmacy
Pain management, headache, malpractice
Dr. Samir KouziProfessor of Pharmacy and Coordinator of Basic Science Research
Drug metabolism, antimicrobial therapy, and evidence-based phytomedicine. He has published research on how plant-based supplements such as cinnamon and ginseng can improve insulin sensitivity in type-2 diabetics.
Dr. Donald NuzumAssociate Professor of Pharmacy
Cardiovascular, endocrine, pulmonary
Dr. Lisa SmithAssistant Dean of Faculty Development and Associate Professor of Pharmacy
Alzheimer’s disease, geriatric depression, osteoporosis, hormone-replacement therapy
Sport Industry
Dr. Dan McLaughlinAssistant Professor of Sport Sciences
Physical education, health education, youth sports instruction, coaching education, sportsmanship, responsibility, leadership, sport/performance psychology
Dr. Travis TeagueDean of the School of Sport Sciences
Risk management in sport, motorsports, sponsorships in sport