Wingate Faces

Brian Stephenson

Written by Ceejay Baker (Marketing & Communications Intern)

Brian Stephenson graduated from Wingate in 1995 and has continued his experience with the University ever since. Apart from working as a reporter and special projects producer at WBTV, Stephenson works with Jeff Atkinson on the alumni segment of Wingate Today on WUTV, the campus TV station.

Stephenson graduated from Wingate with a major in parks and recreational administration. After graduation, he worked for Wingate University for three years in the TV studio, Austin Auditorium and the mailroom. He also worked as a camp liaison for the University’s summer camps during summer break. Once he left Wingate, he began working as a freelance reporter for WBTV before being hired on fulltime in 2000. It was through WBTV that Stephenson met Atkinson and was able to get connected to Wingate Today when the show debuted in 2012. Since then, the two have worked together once a month on the alumni segment.

The alumni segment features alumni who graduated anywhere from the 1960s to now. The stories usually last two to three minutes and showcase what alumni have been doing since they graduated from Wingate. “Usually we will come up with an idea of some alumni, track them down, set up an interview and then I’ll go meet them in their life and catch up,” Stephenson said. “They share what they do and what’s been going on since they left the Wingate Campus.” Alumni are usually picked randomly by viewer suggestions or recognizing an achievement.

When asked to compare his two jobs, he said “This job is different because I get to connect with Wingate alumni. My favorite part of it is just to be back on campus and to be doing something positive for the University.”

Stephenson met his wife while he was at student at Wingate. They have had two sons and live close by oftentimes visiting campus. Stephenson has also developed relationships with Wingate’s students through Lakeview Baptist Church in an Adopt-A-Student program. Through this program, college students are assigned to families who give them a “home away from home” while they are in school. Stephenson’s family adopted senior, Andy Worthington three years ago, and has remained in close contact with him ever since. “It’s cool to have that close connection with the students,” Stephenson said. “If they need something we are there, you know?”

The bond with the University continues. “I’ve lived here since I graduated; my wife went to Wingate, so we have seen the great things that are happening here and around campus. I’m grateful for this job because I love my school so this is a good way to stay connected.”