Wingate Faces

Heather McDivitt

Dr. Heather McDivitt has been teaching in the religion department at Wingate University since 2006. Before coming to Wingate, she earned a degree in Elementary Education from Grove City College in Penn., a Master in Education at State University of New York at Buffalo, a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary and a PhD in Systematic Theology from University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

McDivitt's teaching career has allowed her to teach every age from kindergarten to college students. "Surprisingly, there are a lot of similarities between kindergarteners and college students," she said while laughing. "…the excuses, the wild stories, students missing their parents and experiencing situations for the first time. Teaching primary school helped prepare me for this job."

She counts being involved in the lives of college students as an honor. "College is such a neat part of the journey," she said. "I want to help college students have a successful transition personally, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually."

One of the reasons McDivitt likes working at Wingate is because of all the opportunities the University provides for students. "I love that Wingate offers so many opportunities in the classroom and on campus," she said. "We have Lyceums, extracurricular activities, clubs, athletics and study abroad programs like W'International. There are so many neat opportunities for students!"

While there is much for students to be involved in, McDivitt is quick to encourage students to find the balance between working hard and playing hard. "Some students have working hard down, but they don't take advantage of friendships or intramurals and some need more of the working hard attitude," she said. "Some students have both and they're the ones who are going to be successful."

She offers a bit of advice for students: "College goes by so quickly and you never experience anything like it again. Take pleasure in reading, learning and studying. It's a magical time full of friendships, relationships and experiences- enjoy it!"