Wingate Faces

Jim Hale

Written by Bailey Bumgardner (Marketing & Communications Intern)

Currently in his fourth year at Wingate University, Jim Hale is a favorite among students. From the first day Hale arrived on campus he felt comfortable. “There are some places where you feel at home,” Hale said. “I don’t know why I just know the first day I walked on campus I felt at home, I felt comfortable.”

Being a math professor in college was not in Hale’s original career plan. Once he graduated with an undergraduate degree from James Madison University, he was on track to become a banker and business man. Hale worked at Virginia National Bank for four years before deciding to leave the business world and become a high school math teacher.

Hale retired after 30 years of teaching at both Ashbrook and Alleghany high schools. He quickly felt a connection towards Wingate once he started teaching here. “When I walked on campus I had that feeling that this place was different, and I still think this place is different,” Hale said. “There is just a family kind of atmosphere and it reminds me of the surrounding I was in growing up.”

As a math professor Hale teaches a wide range of math courses. Out of all the classes he has taught, his favorite is pre-calculus. Hale said he understands the success that this course can bring out of any type of student, whether they are a math major or not.

Teaching is not the only thing Hale has been focused on while at Wingate. He has been working towards achieving his doctoral degree as well as coaching a high school football team in his hometown of Belmont, N.C. Hale agreed that managing all these different responsibilities would not be possible without a great wife (Annette Hale). “She picks up where I leave off and she does everything I don’t do at home,” he said. “I am able to coach because of her and I can go to school because of her.”

And although he’s a teacher, he’s also learning.

“What I’m learning as I go through this is that it’s not about you,” Hale said. “It’s about the people around you and the people here are so supportive, the students and the faculty, that I just always felt like I belonged here.”