Wingate Faces

Joyce Griffin

Written by Ceejay Baker (Marketing & Communications Intern)

Joyce Griffin feels that “luck” brought her to Wingate University six years ago. Her sister, Jean Tarlton, who works at Wingate’s School of Pharmacy, told her about the available position when the switchboard operator retired. Griffin has been known as Wingate University’s “the voice” ever since.

Prior to working at Wingate, she was a bus driver for Union County Public Schools for ten years. “I loved knowing that I was the first person to greet the kids in the morning, and the last person to see them in the afternoon,” she said about her bus driving job. “I really enjoy meeting the college students ‘cause they are from all over the world. I just love it,” she said of her job at Wingate. “I use to get little hugs but now I get to enjoy big ones. I love hugs.”

Griffin’s typical work day includes answering phone calls, parking decals, special deliveries (like beautiful flowers) and taking care of phone issues with each day being different. Most phone calls regard admissions, financial aid, ballgame schedules, the business office or are for certain staff members. “I like to associate faces with numbers and have the most used numbers memorized,” Griffin said. Sometimes she helps cover the mailroom or the service center when co-workers need off or are out.

When asked about how she likes her job, Griffin gushed about everything. “I absolutely love my job,” she said. I’m in heaven here.” She claims that her favorite part about Wingate is the people she works with and the people she talks to on the phone. “Each story and person is different,” Griffin said. When she first started working at Wingate, she had someone call trying to locate an old classmate they had dated when they went to school here (back when it was a two year college). “Well, that classmate happened to go to my church and I was able to help reconnect them,” she said. “They started back dating again and are still seeing each other.”

Her cheerful attitude resonates every day. You can almost “hear” a smile on her face when she answers the phone.

“I’ve just met some truly amazing people…Larry Coleman (Happy Friday Eve), David Sherwood (Living the Dream) and all the athletes that stay in touch with me are some of the many blessings,” she said. “It is a true blessing working here at Wingate University.”