Student Success

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Office of Student Success
Telephone: 704-233-8366 | Fax:  704-233-8372
Office hours:  8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
Campus Box:  3088, Wingate, North Carolina  28174
AIM:  wingateukristin

The Office of Student Success promotes success of the overall educational experience by helping students get connected to Wingate University faculty and staff with whom they build positive and lasting relationships. The Student Success Office is dedicated to the notion that all students are important and deserve the chance to succeed. The office works as a clearinghouse taking the student, making sure they feel supported and guiding him or her to the personnel who can best work to assist them.

can be successful at Wingate!

For current parents:
Withdrawal Process
Temporary Leave of Absence Protocol
Temporary Leave of Absence Checkout Process
Temporary Leave of Absence Form
Temporary Leave of Absence Reentry

Other Resources:
Exit Survey

On-Campus Services:
•    Academic Resource Center
•    Counseling
•    Student Health
•    Registrar
•    Financial Aid
•    Housing
•    Career Services
•    Parent Relations
•    Tutoring