Porter B. Byrum School of Business

Accounting Overview

Do you wish to pursue a business career that will continue to grow in opportunities and significance? If so, earning a degree in accounting at Wingate University may be right for you.

The mission of the Porter B. Byrum School of Business is to deliver nationally accredited bachelors and masters degree programs in business. In addition, the Porter B. Byrum School of Business seeks to encourage students to pursue academic and professional excellence while providing opportunities for engagement with ethical issues, involvement with cultural events and encountering of a global perspective.

Accounting plays a critical role in business; professionals enjoy a broad range of responsibilities and career opportunities. A career in accounting means stability, access to exciting career opportunities and being a key decision maker in business.

Future professional accountants will be impacted by the following issues regarding financial information:
  • As fraud becomes more complex to identify and control, accountants will have to increase fraud-detection and investigative skills.
  • Accountants will continue to focus on integration of technology and the compliance process. Professional accountants must work closely with information technology departments to review and establish plans, policies and security procedures.
  • Information sharing is a key aspect for accountants. Communication skills are especially important as accounting professionals assist companies in strategic analyses and decision making.
  • Accountants must be more attuned to ethical issues based on their new roles and responsibilities.
  • Accountants will need to apply globalized standards and new rules for improving accuracy of fair value measurements.

Wingate University’s accounting program seeks to address these issues and educate you in the accounting field to prepare you for your career that lies ahead.

Porter B. Byrum School of Business 

Graduate Opportunities
Wingate University offers a nationally accredited Master of Business Administration program. Learn more about the MBA program.

Wingate University's Master's Degree in Accounting  is designed for students who are interested in becoming a CPA. Whether you are an accounting major, business major or earned another degree, our program can provide the preparation you need to take the CPA exam and obtain the premier professional credential in the accounting field.


Dr. Peter Frank, Interim Dean
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Classes of Interest
Principles of Accounting
Intermediate and Advanced Accounting
Cost Accounting
Accounting Information Systems
Special Topics in Accounting
Delta Mu Delta, national honor society
Delta Sigma Pi, professional business fraternity
Ashley Mullis - Potter & Company, CPA, PA
Jennifer Hunt – CEM Corporation
Tiffany Edwards – Moyer, Smith and Roller, CPA, PA
Crystal Byrd – Allvac
Sabrina Parris – Eubanks and Little, CPA, PLLC
Amber Gulledge – Kathy R. Hardy, CPA
Allison Osberg – J.B. Watson & Company, CPA, PLLC

Community Service/Volunteer Work/Project
IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program
Participants - Todd Hoops, Petronella Musochera, Rebecca Dalrymple, Heather Farley, Holly Smith, Samantha Davis, Kati Norris, Stacie Rhodes
DIY: Income Taxes
Career Opportunities
Accounting firms, businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations are seeking individuals in the following areas:
Auditing and assurance
Corporate accounting
International accounting
Career opportunities include starting your own company, partner in a CPA firm, chief financial officer, controller, treasurer, tax manager, consultant, financial planner, senior government accountant and more.
Accountants have a wealth of programs and professional resources to increase their knowledge and expand their networks. Certifications help professionals differentiate themselves in the workplace.  Examples of certifications that enhance career opportunities are:
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)
Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP)

Our Graduates
Wesley Smith - Partner with the firm of Moyer, Smith, & Roller, PA, CPAs
John Kapelar - Partner with the firm of Potter & Company, PA, CPAs
Rebecca Dalrymple - Enrolled in the Master of Taxation program at Notre Dame
Melissa Stewart Wall – Vice President, Tax Analyst, Executive Advisory Services, Bank of America