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Completing the Academically/Intellectually Gifted (AIG) K-12 Add-on Licensure program at Wingate University is affordable and applicable to any classroom teacher in North Carolina. Online classes make the program more convenient and accessible than ever.

The AIG licensure program requires completion of four courses totaling 12 semester hours of credit. Two courses will be offered in the summer sessions, one course in the fall semester, and one course in the spring semester. Students may begin the program by enrolling in any of the four classes and will be eligible for add-on licensure at the completion of the four courses. The fee per credit hour is $250.

Course Descriptions

ED 491/591: Introduction to Gifted Education
Provides an overview of current and historical issues in the field.  Introduces characteristics of gifted students, educational and programming opportunities. Issues in identifying AIG populations and current research are reviewed. (Fall semester)

ED 492/592: Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted/Talented
Focuses on theoretical and practical knowledge to understand and support the social and emotional needs of gifted youth. (Spring semester)

ED 493/593: Methods and Materials in Gifted Education
Covers the understanding and use of instructional strategies and materials to facilitate the development of gifted learners from diverse backgrounds who are expressing their gifts in various talent domains. (Summer Session I)

ED 494/594: Curriculum Development for the Gifted
Explores ways to use assessment data to extend basic differentiation of curriculum elements and integrative methods to design appropriate learning experiences to improve student achievement and growth. (Summer Session II)


ED 491/591 : Introduction to Gifted Education
ED 492/592 : Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted/Talented
ED 493/593 : Methods and Materials in Gifted Education
ED 494/594 : Curriculum Development for the Gifted
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