BB&T Scholar Program

The BB&T Scholar Program was created through the generous support of the BB&T Charitable Foundation in order to support Wingate University students who desire to pursue in-depth study of the market process and the foundations of the American capitalist system. These students will pursue coursework in economics (leading to a minor in economics) and will also participate in an internship in a free enterprise organization.
The BB&T Scholar Program is a scholarship program for students studying economics, business, political science, history or any liberal arts discipline at Wingate University. Students in the program receive a $2,000 scholarship that is renewable annually.

Current BB&T Scholars:

Brandi Baldwin, Finance Major, Junior

Felipe da Paz, Management Major, Sophomore

Benjamin Davis, Political Science Major, Sophomore

Alex Despo, Finance Major, Junior

Pedro Figueira, Management Major, Junior

James Lawson, English Major, Junior

Shelby Tadlock, Mathematics Major, Junior

For information and/or an application contact:
Dr. Peter Frank
Associate Professor of Economics
Director, BB&T Scholar Program
Full-time student
Minimum 2.75 grade point average
BB&T Scholar for up to three years while attending Wingate
Not eligible to begin program during your first semester freshman year
Applications will be accepted twice a year each August and December
Must fulfill an internship focused on the promotion of the free enterprise system; Examples include:
  • The Jesse Helms Center
  • The Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University
  • The Heritage Foundation
  • The Bill of Rights Institute
  • The Fund for American Studies
  • The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)
  • Other economic or policy institutes
  • A business or organization in your chosen discipline

Students may work with Dr. Frank to find other internships

Click here to download the application in PDF format.