Biology and Environmental Biology

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Biology Overview
Exciting things are happening in the Biology department at Wingate University. Study genetics, immunology and microbiology. Go behind the scenes at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, S.C. or volunteer at an animal shelter with the Biology Club. Perform DNA microanalysis with DNA sequencing equipment.

One unique aspect of the Biology major is that along with your advisor, you can select courses that appeal to your professional career and research goals. Courses are categorized to allow you to focus in the direction that you choose to meet your future aspirations. In other words, you can streamline your studies to suit your individual needs and interests.

Another benefit afforded our students is the opportunity to engage in faculty-directed undergraduate research projects. Numerous research students have presented the results of their research at state, regional and national scientific meetings.

Options for the future are promising for our Biology graduates! As a graduate, you will be well-prepared for a science career or for further studies at graduate and professional schools. The job prospects within biological sciences continue to increase as more scientific and technologic discoveries are made. Biotechnology and molecular genetic advances are being made at an accelerating rate.

Environmental Biology Overview
The Environmental Biology major is designed to prepare students for several different careers paths.  This program provides experience in computers, public speaking, field biology, economics and other areas.  Students may choose electives in the major to help complement their career goals.

Study botany, ecology and ornithology as an Environmental Biology major.  Experience hands-on learning through  internships at places like The Carolina Raptor Center, or study sea turtle populations in the Southern Atlantic or intern at the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in New Jersey.

A benefit afforded our students is the opportunity to engage in faculty-directed undergraduate research projects. Numerous research students have presented the results of their research at state, regional and national scientific meetings.

Environmental Biology graduates have lots of options in the job market upon graduation. Some graduates pursue graduate studies beyond their education at Wingate University. The future is limitless!

The Department of Biology is located in the Smith Science building. Smith Science houses five biology laboratories, three lecture classrooms, animal care and greenhouse facilities, a scanning electron microscope laboratory, a DNA microanalysis lab and faculty offices. The university has an 11-acre lake, streams and ponds with surrounding forest and field ecosystems close to campus. Plants and animals collected in the field can be maintained for observation and research.
J. Alison Brown, Associate Professor of Biology and Department Chair


Classes of Interest
Reproductive Physiology
Independent research
Wildlife Management
Marine Biology and Oceanography

Catalog Description & Information
Biology Club – for all students interested in biological sciences
PPHCC – Pre-professional Healthcare Club – for those students interested in advanced study/careers in the healthcare industry
Pre-Professional Programs
Pre-Pharmacy/Biology 3 + 1 Program is designed to allow students to get a baccalaureate degree (BS) while pursing the Doctor of Pharmacy degree at Wingate University. Students in this program are biology majors who complete three years of study in the undergraduate program and one year of study in the School of Pharmacy. The GER courses and major requirements are completed during the first three years and science electives are fulfilled during the first year in the School of Pharmacy. Click here for more details.
Sea Turtle Populations in the Southern Atlantic, SC, GA
Floristic Survey of Restored Wetlands - Florida
NC Forest Service - Role of Prescribed Burning in NC
Marine Mammal Stranding Center - New Jersey
Wintering Waterfowl and Wetlands - Pee Dee NWR, NC
Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Charlotte, NC
Mine Stream Remediation Project - West Virginia
Honey Bee Ecology & Diversity - Maryland
EPA Compliance - Goulston Technologies, NC
Golf Course Grass Management Technologies, NC
Carolina Raptor Center, NC 
Community Health Services of Union County, Monroe, NC
Research Projects
Population Genetics of Invasive Species
Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria
Conservation Genetics and Bioinformatics
Bird Behavioral Studies
Animal Ecology
Pregnancy and Fetal Development in Sheep
Reproductive Performance of Domestic Animals
Social Context of the 4-Syllable "Laugh Call" of the Female Chinese Bluebreasted Quail (coturnix chinensis)
Insect Behavior
Biological control of insects with microorganisms
Career Opportunities
veterinary science
molecular genetics
environmental microbiologist
field ecologist
conservation biologist
natural resources manager
collections specialist
wildlife biologist
fisheries biologist
environmental educator