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Cannon College of Arts and Sciences

Chemistry Overview
Experiment, analyze and actively learn about chemistry at Wingate University!

As a chemistry student, you will have the opportunity to connect with a small, intimate group of students preparing for careers in the chemistry field industry or for graduate school. Our professors will work directly with you and serve as mentors guiding you through research projects, instrumentation techniques and laboratory experiments as you delve into the scientific world of chemistry.

A strong component of our chemistry program at Wingate is that students can get involved in research early in the program – as early as your sophomore year. This allows you to get immersed into a research project and gain experience that can't be obtained any other way. Projects exist in many areas including: organic synthesis, electrochemistry, green chemistry, analysis of real world samples, and superconductivity and magnetism. Each of the projects will involve the use of scientific instrumentation such as gas chromatography-mass spectrometry or NMR spectroscopy. You also may step outside of the lab and classrooms to travel to scientific meetings. Students recently traveled to Puerto Rico to make presentations at the 61th Southeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society.

Students, like you, may work within the department as lab assistants and stock room assistants for hands-on learning. A total well-rounded curriculum prepares you to be a chemistry leader in our community and beyond.

Chemistry Business Overview
Where can you find a major that combines business acumen with scientific skills in chemistry? At Wingate University, you have a unique opportunity to be a Chemistry-Business major. Get involved in the Chemistry and Business clubs.

This major provides you with a background that includes marketing and management, as well as chemistry studies to prepare you for a career in chemical sales, pharmaceutical sales or to move on to an MBA program.

Dr. James Hall
Professor of Chemistry and Physics and Department Chair



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Classes of Interest
Sophomore Research Class
Current Topics
Physical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship
Analytical Chemistry
Marketing 422
Chemistry Club
Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity

Pre-pharmacy internship at Madison Pharmacy and Home Care
Upcoming internship in Homeland Security
Research Projects
J. Michael Gibson, Heather L. Voegtle, and Brandon G. Santiago, “A Green, Selective Catalyzed Reduction of Ketones to Alkanes via Transfer Hydrogenation in near-Critical Water”
Brandon G. Santiago, Heather L. Voegtle, and J. Michael Gibson, “A Green, Selective Deoxygenation of Ketones in near-Critical Water”

Christopher E. Dahm, James W. Hall, Matthew P. Goodrich, Brenton D. Smith, and John R. Wasson, “Time Based Studies on the Reaction Between Tetraethylorthosilicate and Various Carboxylic Acids”
John R. Wasson, James W. Hall, and Brandon G. Santiago, “Zirconium(IV) Glycolate Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)”
James W. Hall, John R. Wasson, and Kenneth E. Crook, “Cupridine and Dicupridines: A Theoretical Study”
Christopher E. Dahm and Ryan Zyglocke, "A Gas Chromatography Study on Incense and Soy Beans"
Career Opportunities
Pharmacy tech
Lab technician
Our Graduates
Graduate School
Daniel Hoagland -
Ph.D. program in chemical biology & therapeutics, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis
Brandon Santiago - chemistry Ph.D. program, UNC
Marchelle Robinson – pharmacy school, UNC
Adam Lamb - Ph.D. program, University of Tennessee
Matthew Zimmerman - Ph.D. program, Clemson
Jordan Womick - Ph.D. program, UNC
Varun Patel - pharmacy school, Wingate
Silena Faulkner – chemist
Sarah Butler – pharmacy technician
Shea Rogers - chemist at CEM
Jason Carnes – physician
Brian Mattioni – research chemist at Eli Lilly
Sharon Mace – West Stanly High School chemistry teacher
Todd Griffin – senior scientist at General Dynamics Armament and Tech Products
Daniel Worley - laboratory analyst for Duke Energy
Rosemary Huntley - works at Goulston Technologies, Monroe