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Criminal Justice Overview
Criminal justice is an exciting field of study and offers many opportunities for students! Emphasis on homeland security calls for more jobs in the criminal justice field. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor has predicted that by 2010 there was more than a 29% increase in the demand for FBI agents, police officers, private detectives, U.S. customs agents and many others.

The bachelor's degree in criminal justice offers a specialized overview of the criminal justice system, preparing graduates for entry-level or middle-management positions in a broad array of criminal justice environments. Criminal justice major students must develop strong written and presentation skills, an understanding of societies' reaction to crimes, quantitative skills, respect and understanding for the values and workings of the legal system, independence, team work skills and much more! Graduates have numerous options for employment. Federal, state and local government agencies, military branches, security companies, private investigative services, law firms and many other places employ criminal justice graduates.

Dr. Sue Pauley
Associate Professor and Department Chair

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Classes of Interest
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Juvenile Justice
Criminal Law
Research Methods in Criminal Justice
Internship in Criminal Justice
Career Opportunities
Police officer
Criminal Investigator
Corrections, parole or probation officer
Security investigator or specialist
Legal assistant
FBI agent
Arson specialist
Fingerprinting specialist