Criminal Justice Courses

Required (all 3-credit hour courses except Internship):
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Juvenile Justice
Research methods
Internship (4 credit jours)
Sociology 101 (taken as part of the Core)
Psychology 101 (taken as part of the Core)
Math 209 (taken as part of the Core)

Restricted Electives (take 3):
Sociology of Deviance
Social Stratification
Race and Society
Intro to Counseling
Intro to Human Services
Special Topics (such as Issues in Domestic Violence, White Collar Crime, Global Perspectives on Illegal Drugs, Community Based Corrections, Comparative Criminal Justice)

A suggested course of study:
Freshman Year:
Sociology 101 (fall)
Psychology 101 (spring)
Sophomore Year:
Intro to Criminal Justice (fall)
Math 209 (fall)
Juvenile Justice (spring)
Junior Year:
Criminology (fall)
Law (fall)
Race and Society (fall)
Corrections (spring)
Intro to Counseling (spring)
Social Stratification (spring)
Senior Year:
Research Methods (fall)
Special Topics (fall)
Internship (spring)
Special Topics (spring)