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Spring 2014 Literature and Writing Course Offerings
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English 110 (First-year Writing and Research)
Emphasis on writing expository essays, conducting research, and reading discursive prose.

GPS 210 (Global Perspectives in Literature)
Survey of literature produced outside Great Britian and the United States with a purpose of enriching self-understanding by comparative inquiry. Readings to include prose, poetry, and drama from ancient through contemporary periods as well as analysis of cultural contexts.

English 203 (Survey of Early American Literature)

Representative American writers from the Colonial through the Romantic period.

English 204 (Survey of Modern American Literature)
Representative American writers from the Civil War period to the present.

English 210 (Survey of Major British Authors I)
Representative British texts from Beowulf through the Restoration.

English 256 (Desktop Publishing)
An introduction to desktop publishing and fundamentals of design, including layout, formatting, imaging, and publishing. Assignments will include letterhead design, brochures, manuals, newsletters, and web pages using desktop publishing software and equipment. Not for GER or literature credit.

English 306 (Irish Literature, 1880-1949)
Survey of Irish writing, including fictional prose, poetry, and drama; from British-controlled Victorian Ireland, through the establishment of the Irish Free State, to the independence of the 26 counties of the Irish Republic. Its aim is to familiarize students with aspects of Irish literature in English, including the influence of politics and history on Ireland's literature.

English 309 (Native American Literature)
Survey of Native American literature and culture from the 1770s to the present, with special attention to contemporary Native American authors.

English 310 (Studies in Fiction)

Novels and short stories from various periods with emphasis on forms, ideas, and techniques.
English 320 (Linguistics)
English phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, language acquisition, neurolinguistics, and the history of writing.
English 330 (Poetry and Creative Writing)
Poetry from various periods and countries with emphasis on structure and meaning combined with creative writing techniques.
English 360 (Advanced Composition)
Advanced instruction in the various types of composition. Not for GER or literature credit.
English 402 (Advanced Studies in Literature)
An intensive study of a special topic, individual author, or literary movement. Attention to be given to current critical and theoretical issues relevant to the area of study. May be repeated for credit as topics vary. For spring 2014, the special topic will be Emily Dickinson's work.
English 403 (Contemporary American Literature)
Genres of recent American literature, focusing on the issues and themes confronting Americans; contributions by modern ethnic writers.
English 407 (Studies in Victorian British Literature)
An overview of British prose and poetry written between 1830 and 1901 with an emphasis on dominant ideological Preoccupations of the period.