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Fall 2014 Literature and Writing Course Offerings
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English 110 (First-year Writing and Research)
Emphasis on writing expository essays, conducting research, and reading discursive prose.

GPS 210 (Global Perspectives in Literature)
Survey of literature produced outside Great Britain and the United States with a purpose of enriching self-understanding by comparative inquiry. Readings to include prose, poetry, and drama from ancient through contemporary periods as well as analysis of cultural contexts.

English 203 (Survey of Early American Literature)

Representative American writers from the Colonial through the Romantic period.

English 204 (Survey of Modern American Literature)
Representative American writers from the Civil War period to the present.
English 206 (Contemporary Southern Fiction)
An introduction to contemporary Southern novels and short stories through the exploration of established themes.

English 210 (Survey of Major British Authors I)
Representative British texts from Beowulf through the Restoration.

English 211 (Major British Authors II)
Representative British authors from the Romantic movement through the contemporary period.
English 255 (Professional and Technical Writing)
Study of practical writing projects. Emphasis on 1) the process of completing on-the-job writing assignments, 2) commonly used formats, and 3) related communication tasks such as oral presentations and graphics.
English 308 (African-American Literature: A Survey)
African-American literature, including prose, poetry, and drama, from the 18th century to the present. Emphasis on movements and developments in writing by black Americans, from slave narratives to the novels of Toni Morrison.

English 310 (Studies in Fiction)
Novels and short stories from various periods with emphasis on forms, ideas, and techniques.
English 315 (Women in Literature) or Women’s and Gender Studies 315
Extensive exploration of such topics as images, roles, and life stages of women in literature. Discussion and application of feminist perspective.
English 342 (Shakespeare in Film and Fiction)
A study of reinterpretations of Shakespearean plays in film, dramas, novels, and other genres of contemporary culture. Exploration of how changing the medium changes the message. Emphasis on issues such as power, justice, love, hatred, and loyalty.
English 360 (Advanced Composition)
Advanced instruction in the various types of composition.

English 403 (Contemporary American Literature)
Genres of recent American literature, focusing on the issues and themes confronting Americans; contributions by modern ethnic writers.
English 430 (Literary Theory)
A survey of theoretical reflection upon literature and its interpretation from Plato to the present. Capstone course in the major.