Department of History & Political Science

Joseph M. Ellis

Title: Assistant Professor of Political Science
Temple University, M.A., Ph.D.
Winthrop University, B.A.
Office: 104B Burris
Phone: 704-233-8081
Areas of interest: Comparative political economy; post-communist market and political transitions


About Dr. Ellis:
Joseph M. Ellis received his BA from Winthrop University in 2003, and his MA and PhD from Temple University in Political Science in 2006 and 2010 respectively.  His research interests are in Political Economy, particularly the post-communist transition of Eastern Europe and the Baltics. His publications deal with the rise of flat taxes in Eastern Europe and their proliferation throughout the region.  More generally, he is interested in intellectual history and political theory, all things Estonian. He taught as a graduate assistant for three years at Temple University, and as an Instructor at the University of Tennessee.  In his spare time he enjoys University of Tennessee football and basketball, Cincinnati Bengals football, and boxing.  He also likes playing golf, tennis, baseball, soccer, football, and occasionally fishes.  Music of the late 1960s is usually being played at some point of the day in his office.  He has a wife, Joanna, a daughter, Lena, and a son, Beau.