Department of History & Political Science Faculty


Steven Hyland, Jr.

Title: Assistant Professor of History
The Ohio State University, Ph.D.
University of Texas Austin, B.A., M.A.
Office: 019A Burris
Phone: 704-233-8088
Areas of interest: Latin American history; Argentina; Southern Cone; transnational and internal migration; world history; history of drugs trafficking


About Dr. Hyland:
Steven Hyland earned his PhD from the Department of History at The Ohio State University specializing in the history of Modern Latin America and a BA (history) and MA (Middle Eastern Studies) from The University of Texas at Austin.  His MA thesis explored the role of oral Arabic poetry in contemporary Yemeni society; however, summer field research in Yemen’s desert inspired, in part, the search for a project in more temperate climes.

Professor Hyland’s current research and teaching interests examine the internal dynamics of the Arabic-speaking communities in Argentina, as these folk attempted to navigate the demands, constraints and opportunities found in these new surroundings and among the host society while maintaining connections with the old country.


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In general, Professor Hyland’s intellectual curiosities and teaching interests focus on the human experience and the impact migration plays upon the formation of community.  Many personal incidents inform these interests: hitchhiking across the Arabian Desert, chewing qat in Sana’a, dancing the tango in Buenos Aires and bartending in Paris (France, not Texas).  He was raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, a place where national minorities (Hispanics and African Americans) are the majority and a city that serves as a locus of regional and seasonal migration.  These events, among others, exposed him to the multiple strategies people employ to engage the world, meet needs, and achieve certain goals.

Off university grounds, Professor Hyland enjoys the passion, joy and heartbreak of Texas Longhorns football, and every shared moment with his wife Chihiro and three daughters Ryuri, Reina and Raia.