Gateway 101

Gateway 101 – Gateway to University Life provides support to first-time freshmen and transfer students at Wingate University as they experience academic, personal, social, intellectual, physical and spiritual transitions to university life.

Course Goals
1. Student Success
2. Extended Orientation
3. Mentoring Relationships
1. Taught by full-time faculty.
2. Linked to another first-year course. Many linked courses are taught by the same faculty member or someone else in the department. Others are taught by other full-time faculty.
3. Assisted by Peer Mentors, returning students who have successfully navigated the first-year experience.

All first-year students are required to take Gateway 101 in their first semester at Wingate.

Questions regarding GATE 101 – Gateway to University Life can be directed to Dr. Edward Case, Director of Gateway 101, at and Kelli Bonner, Graduate Assistant for Gateway 101, at

What our students are saying:

It helped me figure out better ways to study and be a better student.

It taught me a lot about how I need to plan ahead and what steps I need to take to achieve my goal of going to medical school.

When I was freaking out about class I knew that I could come to gateway and vent as well as receive " help."

I would say that Gateway's way of introducing us to Wingate and the individuals that make up our staff was very important when adjusting to the life in college. This adjustment made it easy to get comfortable with the transition, and that is important to my learning.

I enjoyed this course and I feel that we made connections and relationships that I would not have made on my own.