Heather V. Clontz

Heather V. Clontz, Associate Professor of Chemistry
University of South Carolina, Ph.D.
Mercer University, B.S.
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Perera, R.; Sono, M.; Voegtle, H.L.; Dawson, J.H. 
“Molecular Basis for the Inability of an Oxygen Atom Donor Ligand to Replace the Natural Sulfur Donor Heme Axial Ligand in Cytochrome P450 Catalysis.  Spectroscopic Characterization of the Cys436Ser CYP2B4 Mutant”  Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 507: 119-125 (2011).

Rowe, A.; Smith, B.; Voegtle, H.L.  “Advances in the Synthesis of 4-Hydroxymellein”  Wingate Research Review 1: 44-53 (2009).

Voegtle, H.L.; Jones, T.H.; Davidson, D.W.; Snelling, R.R.  “E-2-Ethylhexenal, E-2-Ethyl-2-Hexenol, Mellein, and 4-hydroxymellein in Camponotus species from Brunei”  Journal of Chemical Ecology 34: 215-219 (2008).

Jones, T.H.; Voegtle, H.L.; Miras, H.M.; Weatherford, R.G.; Spande, T.F.; Garraffo, H.M.; Daly, J.W.; Davidson, D.W.; Snelling, R.R.  “Venom chemistry of the Ant Myrmicaria melanogaster from Brunei”  Journal of Natural Products 70:160-168  (2007).
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