International Life

Some of the activities/events include:

Welcome party
This party is for all our new and returning international students. It’s held at the beginning of each academic year to welcome back our students and introduce the new students to the returning ones. The goal is also to create a community where students can interact and help each other throughout the year.

International Week
International Week is the biggest international event on campus, where we highlight different cultures and customs around the world. The week is created not only to showcase different cultures but also to promote tolerance and humanism through first hand exposure to different cultures and ideas. Some of the activities may include the international festival, country presentations, international food tastings and lots of games with prizes to win.

Speaker Series
The opportunity is given to our international students and other students interested in international studies to give presentations about different topics. Our faculty members also give special internationally-focused presentations throughout the year.

Community Outreach
The International Studies Office exposes the campus community to different cultures and creates opportunities to interact with each other. We also share our multicultural resources with the community by speaking to surrounding secondary schools and inviting those students to our campus.

Goodbye Party
We also organize a farewell party for our graduating international students at the end of the year. All the international students are invited as we celebrate the success of our seniors and wish them luck in their future endeavors.

International Club
The club was created in order to promote a cultural exchange among all of our students. It is also a platform for our international students to get involved and to develop their marketable skills. The Office of International Studies works closely with this group to promote cultural diversity and meet the needs of our international students.