Joseph M. Ellis

Joseph M. Ellis, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Temple University, Ph.D. (2010)
Temple University, M.A. (2006)
Winthrop University, B.A. (2003)
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Research Interests
Comparative Political Economy
Post-Communist Market and Political Transitions

Ellis, Joseph and Hemant Sharma. "Can't play here: the decline of pick-up soccer and social capital in the USA".
Soccer & Society. June 2013.

Ellis, Joseph. Book Review of Hilary Appel's Tax Politics in Eastern Europe: Globalization, Regional Integration and the Democratic Compromise. Perspectives on Politics. March 2013.

Ellis, Joseph. “The Flat Tax in Central Europe: Slovakia and the Czech Republic in Comparative Perspective.” Central European Journal of Public Policy. June 2011.

Ellis, Joseph. “The Adoption of the Flat Tax: Economic Ideas in Eastern Europe.” AIC Journal of Business. V. 17. 2008.

Smith, Kedrowski, Ellis and Longshaw. “‘Your Father Works For My Father’”: Race, Class, and the Politics of Voluntary Mandated Desegregation.” Teacher’s College Record. 110:5. May 2008.
Smith, Kedrowski, and Ellis. “Electoral Structures, Venue Selection and the (New?) Politics of School Desegregation.” Perspectives on Politics. December 2004.

Honors: Global Perspectives in Economics and Political Science
Introduction to Political Science
Political Ideologies
The Causes of Terrorism
Comparative Developing Nations
Global Perspectives in Economics and Political Science
Russian and Eastern European Politics

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Selected Professional Conferences
Ellis, Joseph and Hemant Sharma. “Can’t Play Here: Soccer, Social Capital and the Death of the Pick-up Game”.Southwestern Social Science Association. March 2011.

Ellis, Joseph. “Diffusion Without Adoption: The Flat Tax in Poland and Hungary.” Chicago, IL. Midwest Political Science Association. April 2010.

Ellis, Joseph. “The Policy of the Flat Tax in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.” Toronto, ON. American Political Science Association. August 2009.

Ellis, Joseph. “The Flat Tax, Ideas and Policy Change in Estonia.” American Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies. Bloomington, IN. June 2008.