Porter B. Byrum School of Business

Marketing Overview
Are you interested in a business degree but unsure of which major to pursue? Do you think you want a job in marketing, marketing research, advertising, sales or international marketing? If so, maybe you should look into the marketing major at Wingate University.

The mission of the Porter B. Byrum School of Business is to deliver nationally accredited bachelors and masters degree programs in business. In addition, the Porter B. Byrum School of Business seeks to encourage students to pursue academic and professional excellence while providing opportunities for engagement with ethical issues, involvement with cultural events and encountering of a global perspective.

More specifically, careers in marketing cover a range of creative and technical areas from consumer to high-tech and industrial products and services, in small or large companies, in product management, sales, research, advertising, public relations, purchasing and distribution management. Job growth in the marketing area will be driven by both domestic and global competition, as well as an increase in overall advertising (

The Marketing program at Wingate involves you in hands-on, buyer-seller problem solving and real-life situations from actual companies that need real-time responses. With Wingate’s special combination of faculty, classroom involvement, project work, case studies and hands-on applications through internships and in-class company participation, you will be prepared to help your company move forward successfully.

Porter B. Byrum School of Business

Graduate Opportunities
Wingate University offers a nationally accredited Master of Business Administration program. Click here to learn more about the MBA program.

Dr. Peter Frank, Interim Dean

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Classes of Interest
Marketing 341 – Consumer Behavior
Marketing 411 – Special Topics in Marketing (topics vary)
Marketing 422 – Marketing Communications Strategy
Marketing 464 – Business Research
Business 405 – Global Business
Delta Mu Delta, national honor society
Delta Sigma Pi, professional business fraternity
Andrew Tomberlin - Baucom Enterprises
Madi Welch, Julie Corn - SellEthics Marketing Group
Paul Johnson - comScore, Inc.
Madi Welch - WFAE
Lauren Mills - 96.9 The Kat
Anderea Dock - Blumenthal Center
Research Projects
Business 405 - Global Business: As a marketing student, you would be required to complete a semester long research project centered around a country of your choice and the impact its government’s policies has on different variables, changes in consumer values, availability of resources and much more.

Every business student since 2005 has completed at least one in-class internship. In numerous classes, active and cooperative learning is practiced through partnerships with local business owners. So far, 35 partners have been brought in to the business classes. As a marketing major, you would complete up to six of these in-class internships, three or four of which would be with actual partners. These internships/projects will allow you to differentiate yourself from students of other schools with a similar degree. Queen’s Steeplechase and the town of Mineral Springs have both been partners in this program.
Career Opportunities
Brand or Product Manager
Market Research Analyst
Media Buyer
International Marketing
Channel Manager
Market Analyst
Our Graduates
Meredith Hodson, Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist, AstraZeneca LP
Julie Corn, business to business sales, Hanes her Way
Kacie Cowick, media sales, Cumulous Communications
Steven Rozina, Account Executive, The Remi Group
Lindsay Hurley, Editor/Graphic Design, Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal
Anderea Dock, Community Relations/Career Placement Services, Brookstone College