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Mathematics Overview
Do you enjoy working with numbers? Do you have good problem solving skills? If so, you may wish to pursue a degree in the mathematics field.

The Mathematics Department at Wingate University contributes to students’ critical thinking and problem-solving abilities using quantitative and scientific investigation.

Through the majors offered by the Mathematics Department, students will improve their problem solving abilities and their analytical reasoning skills.   These abilities and skills are in high demand from employers in many different fields. The majors will also prepare you for graduate school in either mathematics or business. 

The mathematics major also offers you the chance to pick up minors in various fields to supplement your mathematics major.  This allows you to make yourself more marketable as an employee and to add focus to your career plans.  Examples include accounting, computer science, sociology, etc.  Minors are available in Mathematics and Information Systems.

Mathematics: Provides you with quantitative reasoning and problem solving skills.  It also prepares you to do graduate school work in mathematics.  Mathematics can be completed with a minor such as business, chemistry, sociology, etc., in order to better focus your career plans.

Mathematics and Education: Gives secondary math teachers the full mathematics major which means you are teaching from a deeper knowledge and understanding of mathematics

Mathematics-Business: Provides you with quantitative reasoning and problem solving skills to go along with the business core of classes


Dr. Greg Bell, Department Chair


A Wingate alum passes on his math knowledge to his students.


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Classes of Interest
Math 120, 220, 305 – Calculus I, II and III
Math 242 – Discrete Mathematics
Math 308 – Linear Algebra
Math 330, 331 – Mathematical Statistics I and II
Math 400 – Abstract Algebra
The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science encourages you to do an internship during your time at Wingate University. You could intern with an insurance company or actuary firm; students have also interned with engineering firms to help double check formulas. The American Mathematical Society lists internship opportunities on its website at
Research Projects
Vanessa Braswell Baucom, Exploration of Fractals
Kim Westerberg, Exploration of the Prisoner’s Dilemma
Jeremiah Gass, Exploration of the expected value of Roulette

Heather Gaddy, Elliptic Curves and Cryptography
Career Opportunities
Quantitative Research Analyst
Financial Analyst
Civil Engineer
Our Graduates
Jayce Watson, Graduate School in Mathematics Finance at University of Connecticut
Leah Smith, High School Mathematics Teacher
Jeffrey Brown, Civil Engineer
Daniel White, Financial Services Representative, State Farm Insurance
Jon Van de Riet, Web Marketing Manager, Homes by Vanderbilt; Web Development Specialist, Union County Schools
Brenda Simpson, Southeastern Technology Group
Stacy Cuffe, MSCI Barra
Greg Bell, Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Wingate University
Stefani Shuey, Graduate Student at Columbia University

Kara Stasikelis, Graduate Student at Wake Forest University