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Welcome to Wingate University's Bachelor of Science in Nursing program website! The mission of our four year BSN program is to provide students with information and nursing care opportunities for the development and practice of the elements of Faith, Knowledge and Service that are the supporting principles of Wingate University. The Department of Nursing offers a scholarly, science-based program that values reasoning, caring and community involvement. The BSN program strives to produce well-prepared, generalist nurses who are able to make broad-based decisions in order to give good, entry level nursing care to a diversity of individuals, families and communities, and who become leaders within their nursing settings. 

                           Frequently Asked Question's

Q.   How do I apply to the Nursing Program?
A.    We only start our upper level program once a year in the fall.  Applications are submitted in March during the spring semester by students currently enrolled in the HETH200 prerequisite.
Q.  Do you have a GPA requirement?
A.   A preference is given to student's GPA (both total and in sciences) equal to or greater than 3.0.
Q.  Can I transfer in courses to your BSN Program?
A.  You may be able to transfer in some courses but pay close attention to the level of each required course whether they are 100, 200 or 300 level courses.  The admissions office can assist you in reviewing your transcripts.
Q.  Do you require the TEAS Test?
A.  No
Q.  What is your NCLEX-RN pass rate?
A.  Our first class graduates in May 2014.  They will take the licensure test that summer thus we do not yet know our pass rate.
Q.  Is your nursing program accredited?
A.  Wingate University and the BSN program are accredited by SACS (the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools). Additionally, the ACEN (Accrediting Commission on Education in Nursing) granted approval for the program in 2014.
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Faculty & Staff

Kristen G. Barbee, PhD, RN, CNE

Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing


Ann Black, RN
Instructor of Nursing


Jamie Brandon, RN
Instructor of Nursing


Donna H. Brown, RN, MSN/MHA

Instructor, Department of Nursing


Susan Furr, DNP, RN
Assistant Professor of Nursing 


Janie E. McCallister

Administrative Assistant, Department of Nursing


Michele Pfaff, DNP, RN
Assistant Professor of Nursing

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