Other Campus Resources

Many resources exist to help students meet their academic goals.  In addition to campus resources such as free peer tutoring,  peer-led Supplemental Instruction group sessions, the Writing Center and peer writing tutors, as well as the availability of individual consultations regarding the development of effective learning strategies, students may find the information offered through the following college student success websites useful:

General Tips
This website is written by a professor who is also the mother of a college student. Her advice is right on target and written with humor and candor.

Time Management

At this link, Virginia Tech provides a time management assessment activity. Students can take the assessment on-line and gain information about how they currently spend their time as well as helpful hints for managing their existing time better.

Learning Strategies

Muskingum College has provided a study strategies database on this site, with information and tips on many general study strategies including improving ones memory, problem solving, critical thinking, proofing papers and writing tips.

Academic Success

This site provides quite a few neat tools to help you with your academics, including an "Assignment Calendar" that helps you plan out each assignment and sends you email reminders to help you stay on track.

This is the site for the Dartmouth College learning strategies videos which can be viewed on-line.  Topics include improving time management, note taking, reading and other study strategies as well as strategies for success with chemistry courses.

Math Helps
This site gives helpful hints and lessons for various math topics.

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