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The video above shows how Wingate Pharmacy students give back to local schools.

Pre-Pharmacy Overview

Do you enjoy both the health and chemical sciences? Is patient care or medication safety important to you? If so, the pre-pharmacy plan may be right for you!

Wingate University School of Pharmacy’s mission is to prepare pharmacists who are ready to practice on the day of graduation.

Pre-pharmacy is not a major but rather a set of classes taken in order to be considered for admission to pharmacy school. You can major in anything and apply to pharmacy school as long as the required pre-requisite classes are complete.

The pre-pharmacy requirements can be completed in two years. In order to do this, you must carry a demanding load of 18 hours per semester and typically have two to three science and math classes with one to three afternoons in a laboratory each semester.

Wingate University’s Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program
Wingate University is pleased to assist students in preparing for a career in pharmacy by offering the Wingate University Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program.  As you consider where to pursue pre-pharmacy studies, this exciting opportunity guarantees you an interview for one of Wingate University School of Pharmacy’s 108 seats in next year’s class.

Marked by a unique curriculum, an environment where students are treated like family, and a success rate on passing the National Licensing and Pharmacy Law Exams that is second to none in North Carolina, Wingate’s School of Pharmacy is highly desired with many more applicants than available seats in the class.

Through the Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program, Wingate University undergraduate students will have a guaranteed interview by meeting the criteria outlined below.
  • Must be admitted as a first time freshman student at Wingate University.
  • Must enroll at Wingate University to complete all Pharmacy School pre-requisite courses.
  • Must earn a 3.2 or higher grade point average in the pharmacy pre-requisite courses at Wingate University.
  • Must earn a score at or above the 50th percentile on the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT).

Meeting these criteria will guarantee you an interview with the Wingate University School of Pharmacy.  By obtaining a satisfactory interview score, you will be admitted to the Doctor of Pharmacy program at Wingate University.

There are many different paths to take to complete the prerequisites for the Wingate University School of Pharmacy.  With a minimum of 61 total credit hours, a student may be able to complete the prerequisites in as little as 4 semesters or 2 years, while other students may choose to complete a bachelor’s degree with Wingate University and then apply to the School of Pharmacy.  Wingate’s Pre-pharmacy Academic Advisor will help you determine an academic action plan for completing the Wingate University School of Pharmacy prerequisites while fulfilling your personal goals.

As you can see, the Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program aims to provide Wingate University undergraduate students with the best chance of being admitted to Wingate University’s School of Pharmacy.  To learn more about the Wingate University Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program, call us at 704-233-8200 or e-mail us at
“Wingate University’s Pre-Pharmacy program did a great job in preparing me for Wingate’s Pharmacy School.  The science classes gave me a great background education for pharmacy school, as well as the other classes giving me a well-rounded education for life.” -Haley Hutchins, Wingate University School of Pharmacy Candidate

Brian Carpenter
Pre-Pharmacy Advisor
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Classes of Interest
Chem 101/102/201/202
Bio 150/315/320
Up to 18 hours  of non science pre-requisites, including: Psychology or Sociology, Math 209, Comm 101, PE 101 and six hours of humanities courses

Catalog Description & Information
Chemistry Club
Biology Club
PPHCO (Pre-Professional Health Care Organization)
Internships & Shadowing
Internships: It is strongly recommended each pre-pharmacy student have a job in a retail pharmacy.

Shadowing a pharmacist is a great opportunity to gain exposure to the pharmacy profession. Students interested in shadowing a Wingate pharmacy faculty member as part of the WUSOP Pre-Pharmacy Shadowing Program can click here for more details.
Our Graduates
Since 2003, 97 Wingate University students have been accepted to pharmacy schools.
This year, there are:
  • 21 P1s
  • 18 P2s
  • 6 P3s
  • 12 P4s

Recent Graduates (all six years at Wingate University):
Heather Freeman, Walgreens in Shelby, NC
Megan Ducker, PGY1 Resident in Charleston, SC
Sean Pickler, Stanly Regional Medical Center
Adam Furr, PGY1 Resident, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Erin McGraw, Anthoney Oley Family Care, Richmond, VA