Please contact the Office of Admissions at 704-233-8200 or (800) 755-5550.

Please click here for the Course Audit Form.

A student who has missed a semester or more (including those who withdrew in the middle of the previous semester) must apply for readmission.  Students who have missed more than one semester must follow the degree requirements outlined in the Academic Catalog current at the semester of readmission.

Academic Advising/Registration
Full-time returning students: Each student must make an appointment with his or her academic advisor (see dates) for advising and registration through WinLINK.

Freshmen and readmitted students: The Director of Academic Advising (EKS Library) will assist new and readmitted students.  

Transfer students
may refer to the transfer student web page for more information about registration.

Visiting or Part-time students:
Students taking 6 hours or less should fill out an ADMISSION APPLICATION, and check the visiting student or part-time student status box.   

Seniors should complete a commencement application at registration.  
Anyone who intends to repeat a course should fill out a repeat form to make sure the new grade replaces the old one.

Final Registration
Newly admitted students or students who did not pre-register may register on pre-designated dates.

Wingate University reserves the right to alter or cancel any part of this schedule as deemed necessary. Students who fail to attend the first class meeting of any lecture or lab will be subject to disenrollment.