Honors Program

The University Honors Program is designed to inspire, engage, and challenge the most motivated and intellectually curious Wingate University students. To become a part of the Honors program, students either self-nominate of the year they enter and/or are nominated by professors. Those students who chose to accept the nomination for the Honors Program will be offered an interview and a special banquet will launch the new honors group in the spring semester.
During the first semester of their sophomore year, honors students will choose courses from three different tracks: University Honors (traditional track), Chemistry or Biology. Regardless of the track a student chooses, they will have the opportunity to interact with other honors students by taking a one-hour interdisciplinary honors seminar, doing an honors thesis, project, of significant research in their junior and/or senior year, and taking at least three additional specifically designated courses for honors students.
In addition to completing an honors curriculum, students in University Honors will also be encouraged to participate in at lease one summer research grant with a faculty mentor, be invited to become a member of one general and one discipline specific honors society, and present their research at both Wingate’s undergraduate research symposium and at lease one regional or national conference. Other benefits of participating in the Honors Program include:
  • Opportunities to hear speakers who have been invited to campus to participate in intimate, informal, discussion forums;
  • Enjoy a student lounge in Bridges Building specifically designated for Honors Program use;
  • Participate in a trip to Washington, D.C. in a program specifically tailored to honors students;
  • Connect with upper class Honors Mentors and participate in special social opportunities and reception for Honors students;
  • Meet University administrators and contribute to an enhanced educational environment at Wingate University;
  • Smaller, more discussion based classes on special topics with various faculty members.

Check with a faculty member in your academic department to find out what honors societies are offered in your major. All incoming students are encouraged to strive to be invited into one or more of these societies.