In keeping with the belief that diversity of experience is essential to a well-rounded education, Wingate University provides varied opportunities for cultural enrichment outside of the classroom.
The Lyceum Series includes programs in the four categories listed below, and students are required to attend at least 40 events over the course of their studies as a requirement for graduation, distributed according to the following plan:
  •  Faith and Character Development:
    These events are designed to promote the personal exploration of faith and character. Such events will encourage both individual faith development as well as a broader understanding of diverse faith communities.
    •  5 events
  • Fine Arts Presentations and Performances:
    These events are designed to encourage an appreciation of the fine arts which include such presentations as music, dance, vocal performance, theatre, film, and photography.
    • 5 events
  • Academic Events:
    Academic Events are designed to promote and discuss a broad range of academic topics. The goals of such events include introducing students to new or relevant academic discourse as well as encouraging critical thinking through balanced discussion
    • 5 events
  • Personal and Professional Growth:
    These events are designed to encourage the exploration of issues related to personal and career development.
    • 5 events
  • Electives (Choose from any of the 4 categories.)
    • 20 events
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