Undergraduate research is an integral component of the Wingate University experience. In 2006, Wingate developed a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) to enhance student learning through professional partnerships. One focus of the professional partnership initiative is to connect students with faculty mentors for collaboration on projects of creative and investigative significance. The goals of this program are to encourage faculty-student engagement by encouraging creative and investigative approaches to learning in the classroom, studio, and laboratory settings and by encouraging faculty and staff to actively mentor students in their learning pursuits. To accomplish these goals, Wingate promotes and facilitates student-faculty research initiatives and community events which showcase the partnership efforts.
Mentored by a faculty member, student researchers can engage in the exploration of new ideas and seek to further the knowledge in their chosen disciplines. As researchers, students enhance their disciplinary skills, gain confidence as emerging scholars and often develop contacts within the disciplinary network. Many undergraduate research projects lead to dissemination in the form of public presentations ranging from Wingate’s Creative and Investigative Partnership Symposium to regional and national conferences. It also is possible for students to be coauthors on peer-reviewed scholarly publications with faculty. In addition, students are able to submit their original work for publication in the Wingate Research Review. Whether a student intends to transition immediately into the workforce after graduation or plans to pursue post-graduate studies, participating in undergraduate research will indeed enhance his/her chances for ultimate success.
Heather Leonall presented at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research
at Ithaca College in New York.

For more information about undergraduate research opportunities, please contact the Director of Special Academic Programs at 704-233-8129 or
Consider undergraduate research if you:
  • Want to participate in a Summer Research Project or the Creative and Investigative Partnership Symposium
  • Are considering graduate school – research experience will be helpful
  • Are unsure about your major field of study – research can help you understand what professionals and scholars in various disciplines actually DO all day
  • Have an inquiring mind – research develops critical thinking skills, which is a most coveted competency for young professionals
  • Want to meet people at the University – research collaborations connect you to an accomplished peer group and engage you with faculty and administrators in dynamic situations


Questions, suggestions, and comments should be directed to:
Ms. Marisa Wheeling
Director of Special Academic Programs
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