Transfer Evaluation

To get a transfer evaluation, we will need your official academic records from other colleges and/or universities.  Additionally, if you want AP credit, CLEP credit, etc., we will need official scores from the College Board. Even if AP credit appears on a previous school's transcript, we will still need official scores. All of these records should be sent to the Office of Admissions.

Once the Office of Admissions has received complete information from you, they will bring your folder to the Office of the Registrar for an official transfer evaluation. We will look at your transcripts and show you how the credit you took at another college will translate into Wingate credit.  (See below)

How do the Wingate Equivalents below translate to the Wingate GER (general education requirements) common to all majors? Click on a hyperlink for more information.

Wingate University Transfer Evaluation

DATE:  June 22, 2005

NAME:  Fluffenhuffen, Joe

ID #:  00123456

MAJOR:  Sport Management
Transfer Work Grade Wingate Equivalent Hours
Central Community College      
ART 111 B ART 103 3
SPA 111 B SPAN 101 3
SPA 112 B SPAN 102 3
ENG 112 B ENG 102 3
PSY 150 B PSYC 201 3
State University      
PHILOS 1200   PHIL 101*  

Total transfer hrs. attempted : 27 + 7 = 34

Total transfer quality points earned : 69 + 20 = 89  

Transfer grade point average : 2.62                               

Copy sent to student: June 22, 2005

Total transfer hrs accepted: 28

Student class level: 1

*Please send copy of final transcript

Note: Although transfer grades do not compute into the Wingate average, ALL college work
attempted will be considered in calculating honors at graduation and for certain honor societies.

This student has taken a total of 34 hours between the two other colleges, but note that the total accepted to Wingate adds up to 28 (bottom right-hand column). Only grades of "C" or better transfer, so Joe is missing 6 hours that he took at State or Central CC in which he made "Ds." All of the credit from all colleges is included in the transfer grade point average, however (see bottom-left in red).
NOTE: The transfer grade point average will not affect your Wingate record at all -- you'll start with a 0.00 your first semester here. The ONLY time your total credits attempted will be counted is for the purpose of honors calculations.
Joe was currently taking PHILOS 101 at State when he sent his transcript. He will not receive credit for it until we receive his final transcript when his grade is posted.
WINGATE EQUIVALENT: Use the courses in this column to see how many credits will apply toward your Wingate major. Use the checksheet that corresponds to your major to "map out" these credits and see how many more courses you will need (these checksheets are found in the appendix of your catalog).