Transfer Student FAQs

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1. How many credits will Wingate accept?
Up to 64 credits will transfer from an accredited 2-year college; up to 90 from an accredited 4-year college or university.

2.  Which credits will Wingate accept?
Once all your paperwork is complete and Admissions has all your official transcripts, the Office of the Registrar will complete a transfer evaluation that will show you exactly what is going to transfer and what each course is going to transfer in as. Generally, courses from an accredited college/university that were completed with a "C" or better and fall under a broad liberal-arts curriculum will transfer to Wingate. Even though Wingate does not have "Introduction to Criminal Justice," for example, it falls broadly under the social sciences, which is part of a liberal arts curriculum.  It would transfer as a "SOC SCI ELEC."  Courses that are very technical or vocational in nature, for instance "Industrial Electronics" or "Medical Insurance Coding" do not match any Wingate programs and will generally not transfer.

3.  How many semesters do I have left?
This is going to depend on how closely the program you were in at your previous college/university matches Wingate's program and Core. Are you keeping the same major?  Did you take basic general education-type courses (e.g. freshman English,  lab science, math, survey courses) or take technical/vocational courses? To tell how many more semesters you will probably need, match the "Wingate equivalents" on your transfer evaluation with the courses listed on your major check sheet found on-line. After marking through the credits you can apply, add up the hours you still need to take and divide by 15, a typical semester load. This is roughly how long it will take (not factoring in summer school, course substitutions, etc. that may impact your program of study).

4.  I took two semesters of a foreign language not offered at Wingate. Will this satisfy the foreign language Core?
Yes -- as long as you have two semesters (e.g. Beginning Italian I and II). 

5.  I took Italian 101 at another college. Can I take Spanish 101 at Wingate to complete the foreign language Core?
No, you need to complete a foreign language at least through the beginning level, which includes two semesters of study, e.g. 101 and 102 of the same language.

6. I took American Sign Language. Will this count for my foreign language Core at Wingate?
No.  Our foreign language requirement has a cultural component; ASL does not quite have this equivalency.  You could, however, receive elective credit for an American Sign Language course where you earned a C or better in the course.