Types of Financial Aid for Study Abroad

1. Federal Financial Aid
The federal financial aid is the loan you took at the beginning of the year for your studies at Wingate. If you filled out a FAFSA form, Wingate allows you to take your financial aid package abroad. If you plan to study abroad in the summer make sure to take only a portion of the financial aid you are originally eligible for, but you must also take six hours in the summer to be eligible. If you are currently not receiving Federal Financial Aid, you can apply in order to study abroad because of increased needs.

2. Institutional Financial Aid
This package is offered by Wingate University and is different from your federal financial aid. This limited financial aid is available for students enrolled in a semester or year long program. Because of the length of these programs, Wingate offers additional financial support to four students per year.

3. WINGS Grant Program

Wingate International Grant for Students (WINGS) provides funds for semester or shorter term study abroad opportunities to qualified students. Grants are competitive and will be based upon a variety of factors, including financial need, the strength of an individual’s application and the number of applicants. W’International programs are not eligible for this grant.

4. National/Organizational Scholarships
In addition to the financial aid options that Wingate provides, you could also be eligible for national scholarships. Some study abroad organizations will also list the different scholarships they offer with their study abroad programs, so be sure to see what is available.

Note: Studying abroad is a personal investment and just like any investment you should really take the time to research and to plan ahead. Make a budget and create a strategic plan for how you will raise the money. Be creative, persuasive and persistent.  Contact everyone you know (family, friends, church fellows, etc.) and use every opportunity you get to ask for money towards your trip (birthday, Christmas, etc.).