Why Study Abroad

  • Academic Credit
    Study abroad is great because it gives you the opportunity to go study in a different country, take classes that Wingate does not offer and receive credit. You should consider the type of credit you will earn on your study abroad program. Will you earn credit towards your major or elective credit only? Will you receive grades or transfer credits only?
  • Language Acquisition
    The world’s market place is expanding rapidly; many companies require a second language. Foreign languages are valuable in the workplace because they give you an edge in the increasingly global and highly competitive work market. Furthermore, the more languages you know, the bigger the market becomes for you and the greater your opportunities are.
  • Practical Experience
    Study abroad coupled with an international internship is a great way to gain some real world experience.
  • Resume Building
    International experience is ranked high among many employers as a critical asset for prospective employees. Study abroad shows that you are resourceful, a risk-taker and internationally minded.
  • Experience of a Lifetime
    You’ll never forget the friends you’ve made, the sites you’ve seen, or the incredible experiences you’ve shared.