W'International Registration

Students will sign up for a seminar at the registration location to be given at a later date. They will be registered for the chosen seminar by the director of international studies after an eligibility check (see requirements). Class sizes vary.  
Students will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis. If a student's first choice is already full, he/she may sign up for two or more waitlists.  Please have a second, third, and even fourth choice in mind. NOTE:  No limit is set on the number of waitlists to which a student can add his/her name, although a student can only take ONE of the open spots on one seminar roster. Students do not have to camp out. See the International Programs Office in Alumni 108 to sign up for a seminar at any time up to the end of the drop-add period each semester.

*The surcharge is non-refundable after the last day of drop/add.
Wingate University reserves the right to cancel or alter a program as deemed appropriate and necessary. Dates are subject to change.