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Academic Resource Center (Support & Disability Services): 704-233-8265
Admissions (Undergraduate): 1-800-755-5550; 704-233-8200
Athletics: 704-233-8193
Bookstore: 704-233-8025
Business Office (Account Balances & Payments): 704-233-8217
Computer Assistance (IT): 704-233-8333
Counseling & Wellness: 704-233-8246
Financial Planning (Funding & Loans): 704-233-8209
Internships & Career Development: 704-233-8249
Library: 704-233-8089
Maintenance Requests: 704-845-6363
Orientation: 704-233-8026
Registrar (Transcripts & Credit Evaluations): 704-233-8006
Residence Life (Housing & Meal Plans): 704-233-8245
Student Advising (Class Schedule): 704-233-8266
Student Health (Medical): 704-233-8102
Student Life (Dean of Students): 704-233-8242
Writing Center:  704-233-8070
Weather Hotline (Inclement): 704-845-4111

WU Academics
College of Arts and Sciences: 704-233-8283
Department of Physician Assistant Studies: 704-233-8051
School of Business: 704-233-8148
School of Communication: 704-233-8188
School of Education: 704-233-8127
School of Pharmacy: 704-233-8324
School of Sport Sciences: 704-233-8178

Important Information about Financial Aid
At Wingate University, we believe that no student should be denied an education because of expenses. The Office of Financial Planning works with prospective students and their families to help fund educational expenses, complete the FAFSA federal form and understand and compare award packages.  The types of financial aid available include: grants and scholarships, loans and work study.

Application Process
Wingate University has a rolling admissions policy, meaning students can apply anytime during the year for the spring or fall semester.

Payment Options

Wingate University offers an interest-free monthly payment plan. The plan allows you to meet all or part of the year’s expenses in eight equal monthly payments. You may call the business office at (704) 233-8211 for additional information and an enrollment form. The University also accepts payments on VISA, Discover, or MasterCard.

Residence Life
Wingate University offers a close-knit residential community where 80 percent of students live on campus. Housing options for first-year students include Helms Residence Hall for males and Cannon residence Hall for females. First-year students may also choose to participate in the First Leadership Year learning community, and live in Alumni Hall on the Academic Quad.

After their freshman year, students may choose to live in apartments or apartment-style residence halls.

To assist with roommate selection, a questionnaire is sent to the home upon acceptance to determine a student’s likes and dislikes, special needs and preferences. Wingate’s housing office will then match up students with common interests.

A second mailing called “Moving to Wingate,” will provide a list of specific amenities provided by the university for each residence hall and suggestions of what to bring. Please keep in mind that each residence area is wireless and cable television equipped. Wireless routers from home are not allowed.

First-year students are permitted to have cars on campus.


Campus Safety
All the residence halls have security locks.
Visitation hours in the residence halls are until midnight during weekdays and 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.
Wingate University has 24-hour campus security as well as an alert now system to notify students and parents via home phones, cell phones during any emergency. A campus-wide siren system is also in place. For additional safety, the campus walkways are well-lit with blue light help phones that provide a direct link to emergency dispatchers.
Students may also call 9-911 from their rooms in emergency situations.

Student Health

In case of illness, students should contact student health at ext. 8102. The Dickerson Health Center is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.  A full-time nurse practitioner is on staff and may be seen by appointment between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. The office visit is free; however, students pay for medications.

Insurance program
The student accident and sickness insurance plan is available to all full-time students taking 12 credit hours or more, and part-time students taking six credit hours or more, and their dependents. The plan protects students at home, at school or while traveling, 24 hours a day - even during interim vacation periods. Participation in all athletic activities, including intramurals, is covered with the exception of intercollegiate sports.

Class Schedules
Each student is assigned an advisor who will be the first point of contact for guidance on selecting a major and making class schedule changes.

Immunization Requirement
Every student, regardless of age, class hours, or time of classes must submit to student health documented proof of immunizations as required by North Carolina state law and a completed student health services health information summary which includes a physical exam.

What is FERPA?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, commonly known as the Buckley Amendment or FERPA regulates the use and disclosure of personal information in educational records and permits a student to know what material is maintained in those records. This means that parents and family members will not have access to their student’s records unless the student signs a consent form with the registrar’s office.

Disability Support Services
Wingate University is committed to providing equal opportunities for qualified students with disabilities. Students should register with the DSS office prior to or at the beginning of their first semester by visiting the office, located in the library, or by calling 704-233-8265 to discuss specific needs and arrange for accommodations.

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