Financial Aid Calculator
Am I considered an international student?

Ask yourself these three questions: 1) Am I a non-US citizen? 2) Do I have at least 30 days until the first day of class at Wingate University? 3) Do I already have a passport? If the answer to all three of these questions is “yes”, please proceed to “APPLY” and complete our application for international students. If you answered “no” to the first question, please visit the Freshman or Transfer areas of the website. If you answered “no” to the second or third, it just means you will need to apply a semester later than you originally intended. We want to ensure that there is enough processing time for your enrollment.

Can I get in?

Statistics tell stories and we are more than happy to share them with you; however, know that at Wingate, you’ll never be treated like one. We believe you are a unique individual with your own story. We want to know you. Our goal is to help you find the college that fits you. So, apply. Allow us to connect with you so that we can move forward together. Email us at with any questions.
Can I afford it?

Financial aid is available for International Students, and eligibility for that aid is determined by the financial information submitted on our Financial Responsibility Form. The cost of a Wingate education can be competitive with other US institutions depending on academic scholarships and need-based aid. You may be surprised to learn that as a private institution, 95% of our incoming students receive financial aid. In addition to our generous scholorship opportunities, health insurance is only about $1,300/year (non-athletes). So, let’s get started. We will walk you through this invaluable investment, step by step. Check out the Wingate Pledge.
Do you have what I want to study?

Chances are – YES! We offer Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees. The programs of study range from education, sport management, pharmacy and physician assistant studies to business, athletic training, communication and so much more. Click here for a list of Wingate's programs. Not sure what you want to study? Click here.