Financial Aid Calculator
Am I considered a readmit student?

If you have been enrolled at Wingate University in the past and wish to return as an undergraduate student, you are considered a readmit student.
What financial aid will I be eligible for?

If you’ve taken college courses elsewhere following your leave at Wingate, we will re-evaluate your academic profile and update your scholarship information. If you’ve left Wingate, only to return to Wingate and it has been less than one academic year, you will receive your original Academic Scholarship. And, most importantly, once you (and your family’s) personal financial aid information has been sent to us through the FAFSA; we will calculate the various sources of aid you may qualify for and walk you through this invaluable investment, step by step. Email us at if you have questions.

Can I return to Wingate?

Please submit the readmit application. If you are in good standing with our Registrar, Student Life, Residence Life and Business offices you may be eligible to return. If you think you may have some unfinished business with any one of these areas, please call us at 1-800-755-5550 and we’ll help you through your next steps.
Who do I talk to about registering for classes?

Any classes you may have taken at another college will be evaluated through the Registrar’s Office for transferability. If you have not been enrolled at Wingate for two or more consecutive semesters, you will need to follow the requirements found within the new catalog for the year you are being re-admitted. If you’d like to build a class schedule, contact your previous Academic Advisor. If you aren’t sure who that is, please call us at 1-800-755-5550.