Wingate Faces

Dustin Prickett

Dustin Prickett graduated from Wingate in 2006 with an accounting degree and a minor in art. During his senior year, he took photography 101 and learned basic photography techniques like how to develop film. Just six years later, he is now a full-time professional photographer in Lakeland, Florida. Prickett left his job as an accountant in February of this year. "Instead, I've put my soul into living creatively," said Prickett. "Photography is what I'm passionate about."

Prickett grew up with a natural curiosity about the arts and recalls trying to make good photographs even when he was young. "I've always been inspired by the wedding industry and unique photographs," he said. "I'm humbled to get to do this on a daily basis." Prickett is a self-taught engagement and wedding photographer. His favorite part is being invited into a couple's unique story. "Story-telling is my passion," said Prickett. "I get to know the couple and try to tell their unique story using photographs."

During his time at Wingate, Prickett was a goalkeeper on the soccer team and was involved with Fellowship of Christian Athletes, residence life and intramural sports. Some of his favorite memories include playing sand volleyball and hanging out with friends at the campus lake. "I love Wingate because of the flexibility of the programs offered," he said. "You can pursue different outlets that you're passionate about."

Prickett currently resides in Lakeland, Florida with his wife Beth Ann, a 2006 Wingate graduate, and his two sons, Bowman, who is three years old and Andrew, who is eight months.

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