Student Ministries

Wingate University is committed to integrating Christian thought with dynamic Christian living. Its religious heritage ensures that freedom of conscience is respected and religious conformity is never demanded. At Wingate University, Christian truth is not only present in the classroom, but also evident in the lives of faculty and students who represent the full spectrum of beliefs. Wingate seeks to be the place where students discover and grow into their own beliefs. Student Ministries at Wingate seeks to lead students “to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength and love their neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12). Student Ministries also seeks to guide students toward a faith and faith living that will last a lifetime. Our office is located in the DPC—come in and sit in the most comfortable couch on campus.
Worship Opportunities
University Worship: 
University Worship provides opportunity for students to engage in traditional worship every other week on Sunday afternoon. Led by Rev. Dane Jordan, topics and programming involves blended music along with relevant topics on faith  development.

Breathe:  Each Wednesday evening at 9 p.m., students meet to participate in our Breathe Worship Services.  Breathe is designed and led by students and offers contemporary songs and worship formats.
Religious Organizations
The Christian Student Union (CSU), Campus Outreach (CO), Catholic Campus Ministries (CCM), and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) engage in small group Bible study, prayer and service to those in need. All religious clubs and organizations meet weekly for a common worship called Breathe. On weekends, students attend a variety of churches and congregations throughout the area or the on-campus University Worship on Sunday afternoon. The Office of Student Ministries can help students find and connect with churches to match their faith background.  

The Center for Vocational Ministries
The Wingate University CENTER for Vocational Ministry is a community designed to help students discover and discern a call into ministry.  For us, ministry, falls under a large umbrella that includes being a church leader, community advocate, or service provider to those in need.  We have a wide variety of students from different faith backgrounds and studying different majors from Religious Studies to Music Education to Pre-Nursing. This group allows students to have an open mind about ministry and think about diverse vocations.  Current members of The CENTER include students that want to be involved in medical missions, church leadership, music ministry, or work in human service agencies. The CENTER offers scholarships to students that provides tuition help as well as textbook allotments.  To be a part of this meaningful process of discernment, devotion and faith development prospective students may submit an application.   An interview will follow conducted by the Student Ministries Office. If you are interested in learning more, contact Dane Jordan at, Jennifer Nelson at or call the Student Ministries Office at 704-233-8026

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The Office of Student Ministries also provides funding and resources to help students connect with local and foreign opportunities for service in churches and missions projects.