Campus Parking

Parking Brochure

Vehicle Registration
First-time students should register their vehicles during orientation. Returning students will register vehicles during returning student check-in. If you are unable to register your vehicle at these times, please go to the Goodman Campus Service Center located beside of Helms Residence Hall. Required information for registration is: residence hall and room number, social security number, driver's license number, license tag information, and vehicle description (make, model, year, color, and vehicle ID number).

Traffic and Parking Violations
Most of the streets through campus are public roadways. Those who violate traffic or parking regulations on these streets are subject to sanctions imposed and enforced by the Town of Wingate. Violations of the following University parking regulations may result in a citation, a fine and/or loss of campus parking privileges.

Improper decal display or line straddling. $10
No decal or parking in an improper area for decal. $25
Parking on grass in a non-parking zone, in a tow-away zone or in a reserved space. $25
Parking in a handicapped space. $25

Appeal of Parking Citations
Appeal of Wingate University parking citations must be appealed through a campus form on OrgSync within 48 hours of issuance. Appeals will be reviewed by the University Honor Council on a bi-weekly basis, and will be communicated through OrgSync. Individuals may need to set up their OrgSync account prior to submitting their appeal. Please click here to go to the online appeal form.

Parking Decals
A parking permit decal will be issued for each vehicle permit. The decal must be displayed at all times. The permit will indicate where the vehicle may be legally parked.

Student Parking Lot Locations
All restricted student parking lots are clearly marked by letter. Students should park only in those areas allowed by their permits. For more information, view the Parking Brochure at the top of the page.

Visitor Parking
Off campus guests of students residing in campus housing must use the parking facilities adjacent to the LaVerne Dining Hall. The host student is responsible for assuring that visitors find and use the appropriate lot.

Prohibited Areas - Parking is prohibited in areas marked as fire lanes, on grass areas and on sidewalks. Resident student parking is strongly discouraged on the street between Wingate Baptist Church and the Smith Library and is strictly prohibited in the Church's parking lots.