Community Standards

Statement of Community Living
Wingate University believes that all students contribute to learning opportunities within the community experience. Each student is expected to maintain a high level of responsibility and accountability to further the University’s educational mission.

Honor Code
Membership in the Wingate University community is a privilege conferred by reason of demonstrated merit and sustained by a continuing commitment to high standards of performance and conduct. The university expects that all members of the community will voluntarily conduct themselves in a manner reflecting respect for all other members of the community. It is the responsibility of all Wingate University students to report any suspected violations of the Honor Code.
  • Wingate University students do not lie, cheat, steal, or plagiarize, nor do they tolerate in their company the presence of one who does.
  • Wingate University students conduct themselves at all times in a manner that is conducive to the maintenance of a strong, positive environment for study and learning.
  • Wingate University students respect the rules and regulations of the university as outlined in this student handbook.

Parking Appeals
Appeal of Wingate University parking citations must be appealed through a campus form on OrgSync within 48 hours od issuance. Appeals will be reviewed by the University Honor Council on a bi-weekly basis, and will be communicated through OrgSync. Individuals may need to set up their OrgSync account prior to submitting their appeal. Please click here to go to the online appeal form. 

Note: The Office of Community Standards and Residence Life can only review appeals for tickets issued by Wingate University, not those issued by the Town of Wingate.

Appeal Process
If you believe that you are not responsible for a violation, you have 48 hours from the time of receiving your written notice of charges and sanctions to submit an appeal. All appeals need to be submitted in written form to the Office of Residence Life and Community Standards.

Drug and Alcohol Information- Drug-Free Schools and Community Act