Residence Halls
Alumni Residence Hall (Females only - subject to change)
Address: 226 Cedar Street
Cannon Residence Hall (Females only - subject to change)
Address: 207 North Camden Street

Helms Residence Hall (Males only)

Housing Assignments
Returning Students
Students will be assigned a ranking number based on a formula which takes into account the student's GPA, cumulative hours and semesters at Wingate. They will then have the opportunity to form groups of 4 or 8 depending on where they want to live on campus. Groups will be able to sign up for housing based on their group's average. Incomplete groups and single students will be assigned where openings occur.
All students are required to make a $200 housing deposit before they signup for housing.


One of the most important parts of college is learning to live with different people. Roommates may have different interests, habits, ways of doing things, different hours, ways of dealing with stress and most importantly different ideas of compromise. Campus living can prove to be one of the most memorable parts of college life. Best friends can be made and friendships can be tested. Residence Life and its staff is committed to helping students adjust to having a roommate as well as guide them through the ups and downs of community living. We do realize that not all roommates are matches made in heaven. If you are currently in a bad roommate situation, please follow these steps to possibly fix the issues or ultimately change rooms.

If you are having roommate conflict issues please contact your RA or your RD. If they are unable to help you they will refer you to an Assistant Director.

If the Assistant Director feels that you need a room-change they will contact the Housing Administrator to see what your options are for a room-change.

The Housing Administrator will give you the room-change form for you to obtain signatures from both your current and new roommates.

Once you have all of the correct signatures the Housing Administrator will issue you keys to your new room as well as an RCF to be completed.

You will have 24 hours to move into your new residence. Once you have moved, you will need to turn in your old key to the Housing Administrator as well as the completed RCF for the new room.

After you have turned in your key the Residence Life will complete the check-out process by signing off on your RCF. If you have any charges relating to check-out Residence Life will notify you.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact The Office of Residence Life in the DPC.