ID Cards

ID Card Brochure

The Wingate University CampusCard is a wallet-size plastic picture identification card with magnetic strips, making it useful for a variety of purposes. Every student will be issued a CampusCard during orientation. You should develop a habit of carrying it as proof of your student status.  You may be asked to present your CampusCard to enter athletic, cultural and other events sponsored by the University. Also, the card will be needed to gain electronic access to certain restricted areas on campus.

Beyond its use for access and security, your CampusCard functions as a debit card, allowing you to purchase foods and services on the campus without carrying a lot of cash. You can establish a Secure Spending Account at Wingate University by making a deposit at the Business Office located in the Stegall Administration Building.  The deposit can be in the form of cash, check, a charge to a Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit card, or transfer from a credit on your student account at the University.  For even more convenience, you can simply call the Business Office (704-233-8211) and make a credit card transfer.  Mail or phone transactions will help you avoid the long-lines that often form around the beginning of each semester.

You can add to your Secure Spending Account as often as you like. But remember, this account is for purchases only. Cash withdrawals are not allowed. Your account will be carried through the summer and any unused balance will be refunded when you graduate or withdraw.

Campus Bookstore - Use your CampusCard to purchase textbooks, supplies, gifts, Wingate University apparel and more. Transactions take just seconds. You'll appreciate the freedom and speed of cash-free, check-free shopping in the bookstore. You should estimate $300-$400 for textbooks each semester.

Campus Dining - Your CampusCard must be used to access any of the University dining plans. Meals can be taken in the Harris Dining Hall, the Klondike Snack Bar or at the Grab 'n Go, the convenience store located at the Jefferson Clubhouse. In addition, snacks and sundry items can be purchased at these locations using the CampusCard.

Library - Your CampusCard is all you need to checkout books and materials from the E. K. Smith Library.

Other Payments - You may use your CampusCard to pay for charges on your student account such as library fines and parking citations.

Call the University Business office at (704)-233-8211 for more information. Lost or damaged CampusCards can be replaced in the Office of Residence Life for $25.