Immunization Laws

Any student, regardless of age, who is taking more than four daytime hours (before 5 p.m.) MUST submit to The Health Center documented proof of immunizations as required by North Carolina state law and complete student medical form which includes a physical exam.

The minimum immunization requirements for a student in a North Carolina college or university are as follows:

  • Three doses of DPT, DT, or TD adult (These can come from school records, health clinic, doctor’s office, or documented childhood immunization records.) THE LAST DOSE OF TETANUS MUST BE IN THE PAST 10 YEARS.
  • Oral polio vaccine NOT required on or after 18th birthday.
  • Two doses of measles vaccine on or after first birthday. Physician may verify previous history of measles disease. (If birthday is BEFORE 1957, the measles vaccine is not required. Positive serological antibody titer against measles is acceptable.)
  • Two doses of mumps vaccine (If birthday is BEFORE 1957, mumps vaccine is not required. Positive serological antibody titer against mumps is acceptable.). A second mumps vaccine is not required of an individual enrolled in college or university prior to July 1, 2008.
  • One dose of rubella (If over 50 years old, rubella is not required. Positive serological antibody titer against rubella is acceptable.)
  • Three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine if born after July 1, 1994
  • TB skin test (Within last 12 months)

These immunizations as well as a completed STUDENT MEDICAL FORM are due by July 1. Forms that remain incomplete by the deadline will result in a $25 late fee. Immunization records that have not been received or are incomplete following 30 days of enrollment will result in dismissal from class until immunization requirements are met.

State required immunizations may be available in The Health Center. Contact The Health Center for detailed information.