Self Help Topics

Web Resources/Links

Multiple resources-
alcohol, anxiety, bipolar disorder, cutting, depression, eating disorders, grief & loss, how to help a friend, stress, suicide, etc.




Eating Disorders

Grief & Loss


  • National Domestic Violence Hotline:
  • (800) 799-SAFE (799-7233)
  • National Coalition Against Domestic Violence:


Recommended Reads


  • Enough About You, Let’s Talk About Me – Les Carter (assertiveness/relationships)
Body Image/ Eating Concerns
  • Fat Girl: A True Story - Judith Moore (body image)
  • The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl- Shauna Reid (body image)
  • Does this Make Me Look Fat? – Marissa Walsh (body image)
  • Body Outlaws- Ophira Edut (body image)
  • The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl – Shauna Reid (body image, eating concerns)
  • Bodily Harm- Karen Conterio & Wendy Lader
  • The Feeling Good Handbook – Dr. David Burns (depression)
Panic Attacks/ Anxiety
  • Hope & Help for Your Nerves – Dr. Claire Weekes  (panic attacks, anxiety)
Relationships/ Boundaries
  • Stop Walking On Eggshells – Paul T. Mason & Randi Kreger (boundary issues in relationships)
  • I Only Say This Because I Love You-  Deborah Tannen (family relationships/ communication styles)
  • You’re Wearing That?: Understanding Mothers & Daughters in Conversation- Deborah Tannen  (mother/daughter relationships)
  • When You and Your Mother Can’t Be Friends – Victoria Secunda (mother/daughter relationships)