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Keandrique Payne

My name is Keandrique Payne (although my friends call me "KP"). I’m from Asheville, N.C. and am majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. I am also a member of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity.


I am a member of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. Being a member of this organization has allowed me to become more involved on campus. In my junior year, I served as chaplain in the fraternity. My greek organization has helped me develop my leadership skills. Through P.U.S.H America, our philanthropy partner, I have become more involved in the community. My experiences here at Wingate have been positive.

Favorite Class Info

I enjoyed my Cases and Campaign class taught by Dr. Keith Cannon. He taught me so much about Public Relations by using real world examples to make the material relevant.

It's Spring Time 448 - 4/2/2014

The sun is out and spring is here. Spring time at the “gate” is always fun. New faces suddenly appear outside to enjoy this beautiful weather. You see students by the pool getting a tan or just talking to friends.

You hear loud music, while corn hole is being played in the quad. You can't help but notice the changes in the trees from the dogwoods to all the bright colors blooming across campus. Students seem to be happier during the spring time here on campus.

Students are out and about. Some can be seen reading outside the library or just enjoying a book while relaxing in hammocks. Others are on the sand volleyball courts showing off their skills with peers. With graduation approaching, the seniors seem to be the most eager to get out and enjoy the sun.

Whether enjoying activities offered on campus or hanging out with friends for a little fun in the sun, there seems to be always something going on. W'International is just around the corner when students camp out to secure a place in line to sign up for their study-abroad experience.

Greek Week is coming up when fraternities and sororities pair up against one another in fun competition. Events include trivia, an obstacle course and a variety show. There is a winner each year during Greek Week who earns bragging rights until next year.

Spring Gate is one of the biggest events offered during this time of year. Concerts are performed to reward students for their hard work and to celebrate the end of the year. The concerts include live bands, hip-hop artists and country singers, which draw a crowd from the community.

Being involved in all of this brings out the fun at Wingate.

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It's Spring Time
Whether enjoying activities offered on campus or hanging out with friends for a little fun...

The reason I chose...
The people. The environment. Small classrooms.