Work Study

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Quick Facts about Work Study

  • All students are eligible to work on campus, even if you have not been awarded Federal Work Study.
  • Earnings from Work Study positions are paid directly to the student and are not applied to the student’s account.
  • Student workers earn at least the current minimum wage and are paid monthly, with the first payroll on or around October 15.
  • Students are not guaranteed a position on campus and are responsible for finding employment.


What positions are available on campus?

  • Each department on campus is responsible for the individual positions available in their department.
  • You will need to contact departments directly, either in person or by phone, to inquire about available positions.
  • You may also wish to visit the Career Gate Portal to review positions that have been posted online.


What happens when I find a job on campus?

  • You must visit the Office of Student Financial Planning to obtain a work study contract and required tax paperwork.  You will also need to bring forms of identification as described on this list.
  • Please be aware that you cannot begin working on campus until you have completed the appropriate paperwork and your supervisor has received your approval to begin work.