MBA Curriculum
The MBA curriculum consists of 39 credits which includes 13 three-credit courses. The curriculum is divided into two components: core courses (33 credits) and concentration courses (6 credits). Core courses cover the complete range of business disciplines and serve as the general management foundation for the program. Concentration courses provide added depth and relevance in specific areas of emphasis that connect to student career goals and professional interests. Wingate offers five areas of concentration, and plans to offer a subset of these concentrations for the Hendersonville program based on student demand. Please contact the MBA Director for more details about possible concentration offerings.
Click here for an overview of our MBA Program design.

Prerequisite Course for Non Business Majors - Business 500
One of the most popular aspects of our program is Wingate's unique one-semester prerequisite course,(Business 500), offered in Hendersonville for professionals with non-business backgrounds or who require some or all of the business prerequisites. This fast track prep course satisfies all of the prerequisites for the MBA program in only one semester (instead of as many as seven or eight semesters) and facilitates rapid entry into the program.
Students may choose to take the entire course or only the individual course sessions needed on a pro-rated basis. Note that a student must be accepted into the MBA Program in order to take Business 500. Please see the following documents for more details:
Business 500 - Hendersonville
Business 500 - Tuition and Credits by Module

Choose from one of five distinctive areas of concentration*:
Finance - This concentration provides a breadth of financial management expertise including corporate finance, the financial system and investment analysis. Click here for details.

Marketing - This concentration enhances marketing strategy expertise including market research, strategic communications and brand management. Click here for details.

Corporate Innovation - This concentration focuses on managing innovation and technology in order to develop competitive advantage from a corporate perspective. Click here for details.

Health Care Management - This concentration develops healthcare management expertise through relevant, real-world oriented healthcare course content including the healthcare system, financial and legal issues and healthcare strategy. Click here for details.

General Management - Students may choose any two courses from any of the concentrations, with the exception of BUS 672 (subject to prerequisites). Click here for details.

*We plan to offer a subset (i.e. fewer than all five) of these five concentrations for the Hendersonville program based on student demand.  Please contact the MBA Director for more details about concentration offerings.

Cohort Structure
The Hendersonville MBA Program will be in the form of a cohort, lock-step program, which means that a group, or “cohort”, of students will begin and sequence through the program together, typically taking two MBA classes each semester.  A new cohort will be formed and begin in the summer and fall of each year. The group of students taking the Business 500 prerequisite course in the summer will be blended with the group starting in the fall, forming one student cohort that will continue through the program together.
The cohort model, in which students stay together throughout the duration of the program, will greatly enhance the development of professional and personal relationships which builds your professional network, a key goal of the program.  The program takes approximately two years to complete.

Course Sequence
Classes will be held on weekday evenings beginning at 6 p.m. and will meet two nights per week during the fall and spring for the two MBA courses offered each semester (i.e. each MBA course meets once per week).  It takes approximately two years to complete the program.  Note that falling out of sequence by missing a course or a semester may push back the time frame to complete the MBA Program.

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